Saturday, December 27, 2008


During the campaign all we heard was how things were going to change. I guess the old adage "the more things change, the more they remain the same", is still at work. I am referring to the pick for Secretary of the Treasury, who happens to be one of the old Washington guard.

Now if the president elect would have picked my daughter or someone like her, I would have been very impressed. She happens to be married to a school teacher, and they have two children. She and her husband decided that she should be a stay at home mom while the children were young.

I marvel at how she has managed to stretch the meager salary of our underpaid teachers. She and her husband purchased a nice home and my two granddaughters are well fed and are always well dressed.

They never buy things they can not afford, but rather save up before they purchase something. They even manage to save a few pennies for a rainy day, so as not to be caught off guard when a catastrophe hits.

Imagine someone like her in charge of the nation's purse strings. We would have a congress that had to live within its means. Millionaire bankers would be told, "Sorry, you made the mess, now clean it up or live with it". There would also no more frivolous spending sprees on bridges to nowhere.

We don't need any more Ivy League rs continuing to lead us in the same directions that caused this mess; we need the real change of someone who can clean this mess up - a housewife and mother.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WHY ME??????

I just don't understand it. I am older then dirt according to my son, and I don't kick puppies or dogs. My grand kids love me, and other children don't run from me with terror-filled eyes.

Never smoked those funny hand made cigarettes, and the strongest medication I take is aspirin. I dress conservatively and rarely wear sunglasses or hoodies.

So why is it every time I fly, I am pulled aside for an extra search and I find those little notes inside my luggage informing me that it has been searched also?

Just like while I was on the police department, I was always the lucky one picked for peeing in the bottle to test for drugs. I was always told that it was done randomly by a computer.

If I am so lucky to be chosen so often for the tests and searches; why doesn't the same thing happen with the lottery or drawings for prizes?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Why are so many people enthralled when a group of the so called brightest in the academic, financial and business community are brought together to solve problems that are facing our nation?

Aren't these the same clowns that seem to get us into these catastrophes; without a clue on how to solve them?

Yet I do agree with gathering them together and keeping them together for quite some time. This way we can keep an eye on them and prevent them from doing any further harm.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


On the 26th of February I wrote about having found a solution to our energy problems. At the time I wrote that everyone should convert their vehicles from using gas to methane.

At the time I didn't realize how correct I would be in my prediction. The amount of shit that has been dished out, by the boys and girls on Capitol Hill, in the past two weeks about the dire consequences that would occur if we didn't bail out Wall Street could power us into the next century.

Not only that, they would pay us to drive, to help rid the vast piles of it. Our factories would be powered by it cheaply, as well as farmers who would save by applying organic fertilizer instead of chemical.

On second thought, forget this magnificent plan of mine, as it has one big draw back. We would probably be invaded by a mid eastern coalition for our vast supply of methane as oil became worthless.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


To me the first sign of spring in Central Illinois is the arrival of a loan hummingbird in late April. As the weeks pass the numbers increase and by late July I have well over two dozen feeding and frolicking at my three feeders. For the past few weeks I have watched them pack their bags and and fuel up the RV's for the trip to warmer climates.

Just as in the spring, only one hummingbird remains to keep me entertained, and soon he will also be gone. So to me this loan bird signals the end of summer. Now it's going to be a long wait till the end of March as the radio station I listen to begins there daily humming bird migration report. Then I will hang up the one feeder and wait for the leader of the pack.

So now I switch from buying 5 lb bags of sugar to 20 lb bags of bird seed as the cardinals and woodpeckers will dazzle me with their colors as they come to the feeders. Goodbye summer and hello fall and winter.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I was going to start out by saying, quit acting like kids, and get this financial mess resolved. But being a parent and and now a grand parent, I feel like I am giving our elected representatives to much credit.

Trough out the years I have watched my kids and now my grand kids have an untold amount of spats among themselves and their friends. I was always amazed at how quickly things were always resolved without my intervention, and they were back playing together as if nothing had happened.

Today I watched as supposedly grown and well educated adults, that are supposed to represent us, showboat in front of TV cameras as they point fingers and try to asses the blame. Not me mommy, it's all Johnnies fault, is repeated by both sides, way to many times.

I got news for you. This glass of milk wasn't spilled yesterday, a month ago or even a year ago. This has been going on for years as you were to busy stuffing your campaign coffers as well as pockets to try and correct it.

Try something different and act like adults and do the job you were elected to do and fix this mess as well as many others. No more fancy speeches or slogans, just get the job done. On second thought, maybe I should send my grand kids to Washington. They would get this mess resolved quickly and could then go back to playing stuff your pockets. Never known, a few of those dollars might even trickle down to me.

And while we are at it, I and many of my friends had our days off cancelled whenever an emergency arose. It didn't matter wether it was a holiday or we had plans, the crises had to be handled first. So no days off. Handle this mess, and handle it right.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love watching how this money crisis is playing out. A bright neon sign is staring them in the face with the solution, yet all these politicians and financial gurus are to stupid to see it. They want to follow the lead of idiot sports team owners, who haven't learned the lesson that throwing bundles of money around wont win them championships, just as it will not solve this crisis.

They keep repeating the words on a daily basis, yet pay no attention to them and no one dare mention it. The same thing applies to this money crises as did to the fall of Rome, the USSR and many other empires. THEY GOT TO BIG and could not be managed successfully, leading to there failure and collapse.

The regional and local banks as well as credit unions don't seem to be affected by this problem as they are quite a bit smaller and easier to manage. They also tend to be geared to serve there customers rather then hell bent on making double digit returns; not only to satisfy investors, but to also justify the outrages salary's of the CEO's.

We don't need all this talk of oversight and new regulations. As with most things that come out Washington these days, all they will do is put a fox in charge of the hen house, and things will remain the same.

So let's break up these giants that have become to big, to be allowed to fail. Like our parents used to tell us, don't bite off more then you can chew. In this case it seems to fit perfectly.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I am officially fed up with this campaign and the road it's taking. I received one of those garbage filled smear emails geared toward Palin and McCain. I hate receiving them as much as I do the ones regarding Obama and the wild allegations about him. I might not be the brightest bulb on the chandelier, but stuff like this will not sway me one way or another.

I'm tired of being called a Racist and a Redneck, just because I don't care to cast my vote for Obama. I may read Fairy Tales to my grand kids, but it doesn't mean I believe in them. I have been around for two thirds of a century and have truck loads of promises from politicians and a change purse full of fulfillment's. So when I don't vote for him, it could be, because I believe he is not qualified. Contrary to popular belief I have voted for black candidates. Not because they were black, but because I believed they were more qualified for the job.

What has me riled up is that this particular email was titled WHITE PRIVILEGE. The only privilege this Lilly white ass and his family received in all these years, is the right to come to this country in 1950 and make something of ourselves.

We got here on a Saturday. On Sunday they had a welcome party for us, and on Tuesday my father and a lot of other legal immigrants were hard at work in the Chicago Stock Yards . My mother was also working in a laundry room of a hospital in a short time. They didn't look for a hand out, just a chance to work. They went looking for work, instead of sitting around and waiting for it to come to them. No special programs, no entitlements.

Even tho he had only a third grade education and worked hard in the stock yards, my father found the time to go to night school and learn the language so he could become a citizen. No excuses, just hard work and they achieved the American dream. A free ticket to the States and night school were the only things my parents received. Everything they achieved was through hard work. try it some time, it builds character.

Now comes the good part and all the privileges I received for being white. Working two, three and sometimes four jobs to have my own home and send my kids to good schools. I made the kids breakfast and packed their lunches. This white privilege didn't seem to include free breakfasts and lunch for my kids. Nor does it include a hundred and one after school programs. An office wasn't set up for my kids to find after school jobs, as they had to pound the pavement in search of them.

As a privileged white boy I was punished for having been instilled with the work ethic. So for working all those jobs I was told I made to much when it came time for scholarships, and other opportunity's for my kids. All I got out of it was paying more taxes and higher tuition's.

I wasn't happy, but gave up my seat on the bus and moved further back in that bus for the past thirty years as this so called playing field was leveled for all those that didn't have all this white privilege. I saw less qualified people put ahead of me on promotion exams, even though I and others scored higher.

I didn't mind making the sacrifice all those years, so that my kids could also play on that level playing field. But when I see my son also have to pay for the privilege of being white I am getting a bit ticked off. He was passed over for advancement even though he was highly qualified , so a minority quota could be filled. Why does he have to pay?

I'm sorry, but if you haven't been able to take advantage of all these quotas, set asides and other programs in the past 30 plus years, then you are slow and will never catch up. And it's not my kid's and grand kid's fault for being white that they should have to pay for your failures.

Yes I know this post is full of grammatical errors, and I really don't care. Just like I don't care when you try and lay that racial guilt trip on me. Everything I have is not because I am one of those priviliged, it's because I have worked my ass off.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


A very scary incident occurred last night as I tuned in to listen to Milt Rosenberg on Ext 720 on WGN radio. Mr Rosenberg was astonished that in all the years that he has been in broadcasting and with his guest list running the gamut from A to Z; never has he had a response such as he had that evening, even before the show had aired.

It seems that Obama backers had flooded the station with phone calls and e-mails decrying the appearance of a guest on his show before even one word was uttered. The guest in question was Stanley Kurtz a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a contributor to the National Review.

It seems he had the audacity to look into the Annenberg Challenge Archives at the University of Illinois at Circle campus library and see what the connection was between Obama and William Ayers a 60's radical connected to the Weathermen, a known terrorist group. It seems that Obama dismissed this connection to him as only someone who just lived on the same block and nothing more. The findings seemed to prove otherwise.

We allowed his connection to Rezko to be waved of as someone who he went to for advice in purchasing his home. And how dare anyone question why there was such a huge savings in the purchase of this home.

Obama's office was contacted and informed of the appearance of the guest, and given the opportunity to send someone to rebut any comments made by him. Granted, it was during the Democratic convention, but instead of being told that they would not be able to do so because of a conflict, the producer of the show was hung up on.

It scares me how fast the word spread to flood a station with calls and e-mails. Is this what the text mail technology that the Obama's campaign is introducing (text messaging has been around for along time, it is not being introduced, you old goat!) going to be used for: to stifle free speech? It is one thing to disagree with someones comments and another to try and take away someones right to free speech. Calling someone a racist because he happens to search for facts and doesn't agree with the anointed one is not change. For the last eight years we have seen what has occurred when free speech is squashed and only one opinion is allowed.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Granted, winning 8 gold medals is quite an accomplishment! Yet like junk yard dogs, these news announcers, after biting into the story; don't know when to let go. The amount of time that they have been devoting to this story would make one believe that instead of swimming across the pool; Phelps actually walked across it. Then, after getting to the other side, he turned the entire pool into a fine vintage Merlot.

It's time to let it go, focus on the other events, and while you are at it: a bit less about Farve would be greatly appreciated too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


When I was a youth I would march on down to the local quarry several days before school started and pick up a couple of stone slates, a sharp chisel and a hammer, as these were all the supplies I needed for the start of a new school year.

It's not far from the truth as my mother would give me a couple of dollars which was used in the purchase of a few pads of note book paper, some pencils, an eight pack of crayons and maybe a new ruler at the local 5 & 10 cent store. And best of all, there was enough change from those two dollars to stop at the corner drug store and purchase a milk shake.

Now mothers load kids into their large SUV's so that they are able to return home in one trip with all of the items they now purchase. I couldn't believe at the amount offered in the Sunday sale papers, as page after page was devoted just to school supplies. A safari to Africa or an expedition to climb Mount Everest travels lighter then most kids off to their first day of a new school year.

With the barest of supplies we learned how to read and write and to solve math problems without the use of calculators. Problems were solved with the use of the brain, not a computer. We led the world, as America's public education system was deemed to be the best in the world, as we put men on the moon.

With all these tons of new supplies, calculators and computers and innovative new names for various types of education and schools; we are falling further behind, as the rest of the world is quickly passing us by.

May be we should go back to the old system of reading, rigthing and rithmatic. Studies have shown that the old system worked just fine, until once again to many innovators tried to fix a system that worked efficiently and was in no need of repair.

A war is being waged to fight obesity by informing people to exercise and stay away from fattening foods. Yet we don't do the same for the brains of our children as we let computers and calculators do their thinking and their brains stagnate from lack of exercise. And then we wonder why we are falling behind.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have a solution for these over paid, over pampered pre mo donas we refer to as our professional athletes. A day doesn't go by that we don't hear from one of them about the harsh conditions they have to work under, or how they are disrespected by management and fans. Then the ever so popular, how underpaid they are and question how they are to feed their families for a mere $12 million a year. All these sacrifices they have to make to practise their craft and be adored by multitudes.

With my solution they will gain respect and still get to work in front of thousands. Their opinion will be sought and will frequently be asked for advice and direction. All this and they still will be paid in order to feed their families. Now they will be right in the starting line-up and play the whole game; no longer will they have to serve time on the bench. No more worries about being traded as they will get the choice of the city they want to play in. No longer will they have to worry about travelling on chartered flights or staying at five star hotels, since all games will be played on their home field.

Just call Wal Mart and tell them to apply for a job as a greeter at the store of their choice. I am positive that Wal-Mart will bend over backwards to accommodate their every request. Besides that, they get to wear that neat blue vest, and as an added incentive, bonus points will be awarded for every shopping cart retrieved in the parking lot for extra savings at the check out counter.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The Republicans and their backers are screaming drill, drill, drill for new oil sources. On the other hand the Democrats and all their backers are just as loud in telling us it wont help us at the gas pumps today and that it will take ten years to bring this new oil on line.

So who is right and who is wrong? My question is, if we don't do anything today as they toss this political football around without action from either side; then what will happen ten years from now when we have to wait another ten years to bring it on line?

Isn't that how we got into this mortgage mess? Everyone just looked at their low payments for a year or two, and made no provisions for the day when they would skyrocket up in the future.

Can't these two parties set politics aside and do something that would be beneficial for you and I?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I just love this blog world. There are many that make you think, laugh and are even informative. But the trend in the political ones have this old guy shaking his head. They all remind me of my grammar school days when the teacher's pet was left in charge when the teacher left the room, to snitch on those who misbehaved.

On a daily basis when you look at a liberal blog, it's "teacher, teacher look at what the Republicans did today". The little stoolies at the conservative blogs do the same as they blame everything on the Democrats. Then like kids on a play ground, they find idiots who know less then they do, and after they print their comments it is taken as the gospel truth because they agree with the blogger's point of view.

And it's considered treason to agree with the opposite party, even tho it may be the best plan ever. And so the little game is played as both sides bicker and nothing is accomplished. Our elected officials throw us little bones that all these dyed in the wool Democrat and Republican backers fight over.

Never see any of these blogs complain that it's always partisan politics when it concerns matters that effect us in our daily lives, yet how easily party lines are crossed in Washington whenever big business or the politicians are the ones to gain.

They promise us a health care plan you can't make heads or tails of. Wouldn't it be nice if someone asked the candidates why we can't have a plan like members of congress? If it's good enough for them, why isn't it good enough for us? And it took them ten years to raise the minimum wage, while they got how many raises?

Stop the bickering and stop salivating at these bones they throw us. Just join forces and demand a bit more from those fools in congress.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I was surprised at the results of a study conducted by a research firm regarding the use of money savings coupons. According to the research, manufacturers offered 302 billion coupons at an average face value of $1.28 each. The number of coupons redeemed? A mere 2.6 billion or less than 1 percent.

What was really surprising, was who were the most avid users of these coupons. It wasn't the people who could use these savings the most, but rather well educated women with a bachelor or masters degrees. Also it was households with income levels of $150,000 or more.

Many people were exhilarated at receiving the one time $600 stimulus check from the government. But by using those coupons they could average anywhere from $600 to $900 every year in savings.

And what do the poor fools do? They spend days on end waiting in line to get the latest bell or whistle that comes out on the market, paying top dollar, unable to wait a month or two until the prices drop drastically. Then we wonder why we have such a disparity between the haves and have nots?

I could ramble on, but I have to fill out and mail a coupon for $10 I received after having the oil changed in my car yesterday. I might not have that bachelors or masters degree, but I am smart enough to take that ten dollar savings they are giving me and use it.


There was a tragic article in the Chicago Tribune this past Sunday about the alarming increase of kids injured and killed by family members who were backing out of their driveways.

Naturally the usual culprits were to blame for this increase. We need to keep better statistic, enact new laws, the increase of SUV's and there poor visibility in backing up.

Blame it on anything but the driver. I guess it's to much to ask that some caution be used before backing up. It seems the parent profiled in the article saw two out of the three kids on the lawn, yet he still backed up. I know everyone is complaining about the fact that our days have been shortened to 22 hours and they don't have enough time to do anything. But come on, we can't sacrifice a few seconds out of the day and ensure our kids are kept out of harms way.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Drive by any Wal-Mart store parking lot and it is jam packed with shoppers who are swayed to shop there by the so called low prices. But are they the lowest prices in town, or just a gimmick to part fools with their money?

I stopped at a local Wal-Mart store to pick up a few things, since it was on the way to where I was headed. Having been at a local grocery store the previous day, I decided to compare the prices on the items I had purchased.

Granted they do have some low prices on an array of products, and you would save if you only purchased those items; but this is a super center that traps you into One Stop Shopping and you end up paying higher prices that offset those super savings.

My day was made when I found that I would have paid more had I purchased them today. I then checked further and to no surprise found that a wise shopper will not fall for those catchy company slogans and assume that everything is as promised.

Monday, June 23, 2008


The other day as I perused the newspaper an article got my blood boiling. It was in regards to several Internet companies who were thinking about raising prices for the high volume users of the Internet. They were thinking of following the mobile phone companies policies as they sell various packages with allotted minutes of use, with added fees for going over the time limit.

Another way to squeeze some more money out of us, and the sad part is that none of us will even give a second thought as we except it.

Every day we look at our bills, and another fee appears and we are still mum. Existing fees are reaching astronomical proportions and nobody cares. We shrug our shoulders and do nothing about it as we pay up. Seeing that we accept these increases without a whimper, even the things that were free, now come with a charge as corporations pad there bottom line.

Haven't we learned from department stores, that when we don't purchase there products at inflated prices, they soon go on sale and we save hundreds of dollars. So maybe if people purchased a few less Lottie's per week, the price may dramatically drop and I may be tempted to try one, to see what all the fuss is about.

Everywhere we turn prices are outrageously high, but with so many people willing to pay them, they continue there upward spiral.

Look at the auto companies and the deals you get when people stay away from the showrooms. The dollar deals that appear at fast food franchises whenever profits fall. Or best of all how quick the price drops as you cancel a service you have been overpaying for, now that they want you to stay on as a customer.

If we sacrificed the luxuries we have become accustomed to for several months and put the squeeze on the squeezers, I do believe we could gain the upper hand. We have so little to loose, and so much to gain.

Friday, June 13, 2008


All one has to do is go to my wife's blog which is HUMMINGBIRDHILL.BLOGSPOT.COM to see why I am the luckiest guy in the world. No only do I have a great wife, but I have been blessed with my 9th grandchild a cute baby girl. No wonder I stay so young with all these young chicks around me. Hugh Hefner eat your heart out.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


You read it right, I am all for boycotting these two giant franchises. Not only are they hell bent on polluting our highways and byways with their outrages steroid induced signs, but now they took it upon themselves to ruin my travels to Lithuania and Ireland.

I was smacked in the face with a four story high "M" as I stepped out the front doors of the Vilnius airport. Later as I entered Lithuania's second largest city, again in neon that "M" was flashing away. Century's old cities, marred by corporate greed.

Then a week later, Ireland's pristine beauty was defaced by the towering greasy fingered chicken bucket and the insidious "M", as I approached old towns, that will now be forever spoiled by the antiseptic cookie cutter sameness.

It's bad enough that our cities and towns all look like large NASCAR logo plastered cars, now our main export is to destroy what little beauty is left in this world, as these corporations play the my logo is bigger then yours. So boycott them and make America and the rest of the world beautiful again.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Thank you for all the votes. I gave up on the continental look. The sun glasses didn't want to sit on top of my head, the pointy Italian shoes hurt my feet and that big buckle color coordinated belt made me look a bit feminine.

These European designers don't want us mature, athletic bodied men to wear their hip hugger clothing. Besides I would have to trim my hair and shave the mustache off. The long hair is a new look, but the mustache has been around a long time and I would hate to part with it for the sake of a new look.

I will sit and enjoy a cocktail at sidewalk cafes, but it will be in the clothing I am comfortable in. Come and join me, and I might even buy the first round.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Being on the other side of the pond I have quickly adapted to this life style of sitting at sidewalk cafes as I sip my amber brew and watch the world go by. In doing so I decided to get the Continental look. So I ask the two readers I have of this post to help me select the look that would best fit me. And if a stray reader should happen to stumble upon this space, your vote would be appreciated also. Try and keep the laughter down to a minimum, that means you Whitey and Fozzy.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Numbers 4,5,6, or 7 ?

Accessories to include pointy toed Italian loafers with no socks, a fashionably draped scarf around the neck, and the large buckled color coordinated belt.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Two things I enjoy about the spring is the return of my hummingbirds and waiting for the brood of geese to hatch and to watch them float around my pond.

Two weeks ago the hummingbirds did return and the two geese were floating on the pond with four goslings in tow who had just recently hatched.

Enter Colonel Sanders, the Darth Vader of the poultry world, and his quest for corporate profits and unending quest to meet or surpass earning expectations. A family unit is disseminated as four young lives are snuffed out, leaving Mother Goose and her mate to mourn their loss.

A multitude of kids and grand kids will miss seeing these goslings as they float around the pond until they reach maturity and fly off to destinations unknown. Joe C who comments on my posts at times, will probably blame it on some colossal squid, that he is trying to convince me is inhabiting my pond. The rest of us know better.

Doesn't matter if it's regular or crispy, the next time you bite into that piece of chicken, ask yourself, could it be one of Pete's geese your chomping on?

Monday, April 28, 2008


Just two more weeks and I will spend a week in the land of my birth, and a few days on the emerald island.

A cousin is getting married in the town I was born in, a few short years ago. It's Vilkaviskis, Lithuania where some of the fiercest fighting occurred between the Germans and Russians during WWII. I was only 1 year old when my father packed all of our earthly possessions that he could in a baby buggy and buried the rest as we set out for parts unknown with my 5 year old brother and mother in tow.

I do have fond memories of growing up in displaced person,s camps in Germany before our trip to the country whose streets were paved with gold.

It was quite an adventure when I returned there two years ago for the first time in sixty years. I got to see a house my father and his brothers built before the war. The greatest thrill of all was hearing stories told about my father. My father has always been larger then life in my eyes, and I marveled at the stories that are still told about him. I found it hard to believe how such a quiet and simple man made such an impact on so many lives.

Then it's a stop in Ireland for a few days before returning home. I am glad that I got to see it a few years ago with my wife. She gave me a tour of a land where time and people move at a leisurely pace. The old Ireland that is slowly fading as the economy rises and the old ways disappear. The yuppie latte and wine sipping crowd is causing an old main stay of Ireland, the pub, to fall by the wayside.

As you can see I will be enjoying myself in two short weeks.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


All is well with the world on Sunday the 20th at 11:40 AM as I glance out my picture window here in Central Illinois and see the long awaited return of my first Humming Bird. It always amazes me, how such a small creature, can bring so much joy.

But then again those eight little munchkins I call my grand kids, always know how to melt this old grizzly guys heart.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was listening to a talk radio show the other day. The hostess of the show had three callers on line to get their opinion about an article she was going to read from the New York Times. It was in regards to how our economic ship has sprung leaks, and was listing to the side. According to the article the rate of delinquency in loan payments was the highest since 1992. This included auto, home and credit card payments.

She asked the callers to guess what they thought the percentage of these delinquencies were. The numbers ranged from 35% to 60%. Not being an alarmist and wanting to play the game my guess was in the 15 to 20 percent range; because of all the recent headlines.

The facts? To mine and the callers' surprise, this outlandish number was 2.7% versus the 2.5% in 1992. We all know that each year some people lose their homes due to foreclosures. So what are the other facts? How many more is it now than before? Is it really a crisis or just a way of selling papers, making headlines and manipulating the market?

The same goes with this "housing crisis". Is there a slow down in the demand for homes, or did the builders over construct and outpace the demand for these homes? What are the facts?

Just give me the facts and let me decide. I don't want all these experts with their million and one opinions deciding for me. They are at best wrong, or at worst opining with a hidden agenda.

And what about all those lead- based painted toys? How much is harmful? As kids we chewed on lead pencils and played with lead soldiers. How about the mercury in our seafood? We also enjoyed breaking open thermometers and playing with the mercury; watching it as we rolled it from hand to hand. I and the rest of my generation have survived, and have led somewhat normal lives, even tho we indulged, by today's standards, in these horrific, life-threatening activities.

What are the facts about these dangers? Deaths, illness, stomach flu?????

Kids survived roaming freely in the back seats of cars as they played and bounced around. Now they are restrained and encased more securely then astronauts going into space. Is it one child that died, or was there carnage on our highways? What has been the benefit in restraining the kids versus the risk of self-limiting the number of kids per family by the size of your car?

So enough of these headlines! Gives us real facts, and let us decipher what is really going on. We have been so conditioned to reacting to those breaking news stories, many of us have forgotten how to think and just let others make all the decisions for us. Or at least "the others" think we have forgotten how to.

Just the facts, mam.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have been listening to the many pundits trying to explain what Barack Obama really meant in this latest furor over his remarks about Rural America.

According to them, all he was saying is that those living in rural areas are not as well educated, since most had not attended college and are not atuned with the rest of the country.

My stupid question is, aren't these well educated, Ivy League whiz kids the ones that have gotten us into this war as well as most wars in the past? The same ones that have gotten us into this financial mess we are in now, as well as dozen more things that ail this country?

In my view, it should be these gun toting, bible thumping, uneducated hicks who should be looking down their noses at the well heeled elitists who have gotten us into this mess.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Once upon a time, a big CEO decided to lay off several thousand employees. The market mavens were thrilled as the immediate cost of doing business decreased and thus the price of the stock skyrocketed. The CEO was reward with higher compensation and large bonuses.

Seeing this, the other whiz kids of industry followed suit and also laid off workers. They all watched their stock prices rise and a new craze of down-sizing ran the gamut. Everyone was happy except those unemployed workers. Whatever, they had nothing to lose anyway.

With the flow of income interrupted, these (foolish) laid off workers stopped consuming the products they once purchased. Although the profits continued, they were not at the level the CEOs expexted... HORRORS!!! However, instead of riding out these hard times and finding creative ways to keep people employed so they keep on purchasing; these brain dead wonders go back to the tried and true formula of downsizing again. Heaven forbid a quarter should go by where double digit profits did not occur.

With so many unemployed, the "Morons of Madison Avenue" can't figure out why the economy is slowing down; why people are not spending like they had been.

Hey dummy read my lips "unemployed workers don't have any money to spend". Try hiring some of them back and see the economy improve.
And to think I didn't charge a large consulting fee for this simple solution to such an overwhelming problem.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


When will the American public wake up. On a daily basis we hear congress is holding another hearing. Pick a topic and they will hold a hearing. Oil executives are quizzed about obscene profits, CEO's and their excessive salary's, as well as the faith of the economy.

They try to outdo each other with their indignation and fanciful oratory. Yet at the end of the day, nothing changes and things remain the same; as oil and gas prices climb, the executive packages keep rising and the economy is taking a dump.

So we get the old song of "We are working to fix things", while they are dancing to the tune of "Cash registers ringing" as they fill their pockets and empty ours.

Monday, March 24, 2008


The assets of millions of Americans were devoured by the large banking system. Greed at its finest preyed on people's dreams of owning a home. New types of loans were created weekly to ensure no victim would escape these predators.

Every gambit was used to lure the unsuspecting victims. A few made millions in profits, while millions will be losing everything. Even the many on the sidelines, that played by the rules, have seen the value of their homes drop in value, in order that the few could enjoy tidy bonuses.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the vultures are circling over head and picking the bones clean of these victims. Hopes were raised, that homes would be saved; only to be dashed, as what little money these people had was sucked up by these vultures, and the homes pulled out from under them. The vultures on the other hand are a protected species.

Where are all these agencies that are supposed to protect these unsuspecting souls? If we can throw yachts to save the drowning bankers, can't we at least throw inflatable vests to save the rest?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have some news for all of those that keep talking about what a great orator Barack Obama is and how inspirational his speeches are.

I guess that is how most of the people felt about the lenders who had them sign up for all the low prime, no down payment and interest only loans to buy a home. Those lenders must have sounded fantastic to get so many to sign up. And now we can see the financial mess this country is in, after falling for all those fancy promises of owning homes, they couldn't afford.

And what is the common response we hear from those that have been taken to the cleaners by a con man? He looked and sounded so good, we can't believe he cheated us out of our life's savings.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I watched all day as a power struggle ensued over territorial rights of our pond. No weapons of mass destruction, no beating of war drums. Nor was there any vocal oratory from either side. No military complex was brought up to full capacity. No Haliburton representative was in sight to profit from another conflict. Even the news media were caught off guard with their resources severely strained. All their equipment were deployed, as Paris, Brittaney and Lindsy struck on the same day. Nor was the peace and quiet disturbed by politicians from either side debating whether to finance this fracas or not.

The combatants in today's battle were a newly arrived pair of mallard ducks; a male and female dressed in full color so as to distinguish the sexes. On the other side were two Canadian geese, whose sex could not be determined, due to their drab dress. But I do believe they are a male and female, since in the past five years they have produced an armada of goslings that patrolled our lake and pond.

The female mallard was clearly the aggressor as she bravely swam into the face of the enemy which was noticeably larger then she. Menacingly, not far behind, the male was there to enter the fray if hostilities escalated. This swift and silent attack into the face of a far superior force, left the geese in disarray with no choice but to retreat to the safety of the slopes above the pond.

For the rest of the day the mallards kept a wary eye on the enemy, as they inspected their newly won territory. To my great joy, I was left to dine at a local fish fry instead of having roast duck or a suckling goose.

Not all wars have casualties.


Every time I hear someone defending excessive CEO pay and perks, I hear the same old tried and true refrain. "To get the best and brightest CEOs, we have to lure them with high salaries and big compensation packages".

So boys and girls, here is my stupid question of the day. Since we are paying them these absurd amounts of money, and supposedly they are the best of the best; why then are so many corporations losing billions of dollars and our economy is taking a dump?

I do believe they are so busy sitting on each others boards, raising each others pay packages, there is very little money or time left to do what they were hired for.

The same also holds true for government workers and athletes. As pay scales go up, service and performance seem to wane.

Let's try something different. Drop salaries drastically, and watch our economy rebound while services and performances increase. Bring them back to the real world, and have them live like the rest of us.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Did you ever wonder why our congress never gets anything done, and why so many things die once they are sent to committee for further review?

Wonder no more. I have solved this little dilemma while watching our so called elected leaders in action as they probed steroid use in baseball. It was no different when questioning CEO's about excessive salaries, or increasing H1B visas where Bill Gates was the star witness.

They used up most of their allotted time ass kissing and acting like star struck groupies with the array of ball players and over payed execs. So grow up and get your lips off of those pampered asses, and do the job you were elected to do. Go to a rock concert if you want to swoon and drool.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I would love to see the playground monitor, step forward, and tell the three candidates to leave the playground and stop playing, "I want to be president". They need to grow up, and quit acting like spoiled kids. As a matter of fact we should write a note to their parents to keep them home until they can act like grownups. Better yet, tell them all we will just find someone to replace them; someone who will act like they are running for president.

No more comedy shows, yelling sprees or crying jags; you're running for president, not comedian of the year.

Stop the hand clapping, slogans and cheers; this isn't a high school pep rally. It may work with the clueless, but not with me.

Stop this insane fund raising. It isn't who has the most marbles that will make the best president.

Stop this childish, he said/she said. I'm no fool, and I know that all "snippets" are well planned and thought out blurbs meant to get out into the media; no matter how much you deny it or apologize for it. You will do anything to have the media go into a feeding frenzy.

Until I can pay my bills or purchase something with it, stop with all this hope and inspiration. If I want that, I will go to church.

If you're going to pitch all this bullshit, have the courtesy of buying me some hip waders.

There are a thousand and one things, that are going wrong with this country. I don't want fancy oratory, but rather solutions to these problems.

There is more to fear on our streets then guys wearing towels wrapped around their heads. None of you have even come close to addressing these problems.

It's easy to talk about lost jobs, when you have some of the best paying jobs in the world, with benefits galore. Talk to me about health benefits, when you have the same coverage as I do; talk to me about senior citizens when you have the same pension and social security as I do; and not the coverage for life, that congress has.

I'm not voting for you to make history, no matter what color or gender you are, if your not going to put this country's interests before your own.

Five year olds act with more maturity, then our candidates.... and we wonder why we are the laughing stock of the world.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have a solution that would not only solve the energy problem, but would also decrease the trade imbalance plaguing this nation. I may even be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, thanks to this brilliant plan.

All we have to do is convert our oil and natural gas guzzling autos and factories to use methane gas. Since there is an ever increasing number of mega hog and cattle farms, the supply would be plentiful and endless.

The genius of my plan, is that there will always be an abundant supply, as well as large quantities for export; since the USA has one of the largest methane reserves in the world.

And where is this reserve located, you may ask yourself. None other then Washington D.C. With all the shit they shovel each day, we would have a never ending supply. The best part of my plan is that every time there is a national election, the supplies would go up, and we could all get a rebate check as we sell this overabundance of shit to foreign nations, to power their economies.

And if world wide demand began to increase, we could fall back on our reserves, and utilize the same shit from our local, county and state legislators.

The plan also helps in protecting this planet. There would no longer be pollution from fossil fuels, and a way of disposing this over abundance of shit, that is now building up. The icing on the cake would be the joy you experience as you watch the big oil companies fall like dominoes each quarter, rather than reporting obscene profits.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am a firm believer in the old adage. if it's to good to be true, it isn't. So when it comes to Barack Obama, I don't instinctivly fall on the sword, and blindly follow him.

I can understand, the millions who fall for his praise the lord and pass the collection plate rethoric. It's easy to get enthusiastic in a crowd, as hand clapping and chanting, drown out what is really said.

A million promises made, with no guarantees, that any will be fofilled. All these slogans, won't repair the economy, or end the war.

One question keeps bothering me, as I listen to him speak about cleaning up the old ways of doing buisness in Washington. The old ways have got to go, according to him. So why is it that these, merchants of menace, that he is going to sweep out of Washington, so hell bent on supporting him?

Could it be, that he is selling his soul to the devil, just to make his mark on history?

Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm not one of those conspiracy nuts. I don't wrap myself in aluminum foil, so the governament can't get at my thoughts. Nor do I think the boogey man is lurking under my bed or in the closet to get me. Tho at times, I do talk back to those strange voices in my head.

But of late, I have begun to wonder and question, why is it that every time oil falls below $90 a barrel; and gasoline below $3 a gallon, we always seem to have a mysterious refinery fire, or incident to drive those prices back up.

Since big oil wouldn't do something like that, I guess I will slip into that designer jacket, that the men in white coats are holding up.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It’s bad enough that the mental midgets now being hired as police are given uniforms and guns; but now police departments have begun issuing them new toys to play with. Just as problems arise when kids are left unsupervised while they play, problems arise with the “new police” as they abuse these new toys. As a retired police officer I shudder at the thought that many departments issue these toys for all to enjoy without supervision or consequences.

Some of the abuse incidents hit the news, but many go unreported.

One of the toys I am referring to are the new taser guns. How these juvenile delinquents do love to use them. Someone I know was a recent recipient, of not one, but two bursts from this new toy. After reading the police report, I shook my head in disbelief.

Instead of an arrest being made and charges approved, these so called police officers should have been taken out to the shed, spanked, their uniforms taken away, and then told they could never play policeman again.

There were a total of four officers on the scene. If four of them couldn’t handle a simple domestic disturbance involving an average sized male; they have no business handling these new toys. They should not be in their possession. The taser only helps escalate a situation.

Even at our advanced ages, my partner Whitey and I could handle most situations in which these new toys have been used with common sense and verbal confusion. This new breed should be treated like the Barney Fifes they are; give them guns without bullets and tasers without batteries.

Friday, February 1, 2008


A gentle reminder for those amongst us that are not the sharpest tacks on the bulletin board:

If you reside in a state that will be voting this coming tuesday; it will not be to determine who survives till next week on American Idol. Rather you will be determining who could possibly be the president of your country for the next four years.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Now that the Kennedy's have endorsed Barack Obama, and anointed him as the second coming of JFK, do we really want and need another Kennedy look alike?

Many are comparing the two coming from the same mold. No experience and great orators. Having lived through those years, my visions of history, differ quite diffrently from those that portray this era as the time of milk and honey.

The Bay of Pigs, escalation of the Vietnam war, Berlin Wall and how close we came to a nuclear war, always seem forgotten.

Rather we are fed a steady diet, of what is now refered to as the first and only American Royal Family. Yes it was Camelot, as the masses relished in watching the Kennedy clan frolic with the rich and famous. It was a great time for THEM.

I along with millions of other American citizens, must of had those invitations, lost in the mail. You know the ones, promising us a full share of these American dreams. Salaries, that would ensure only one spouse working, a college education for our kids and not worrying about catastrophic medical bills.

Slogans and chants, along with hand clapping might get the morons all enthusiastic. But there are some of us that can think, and want more then all this well packaged bullshit. No wonder the politicians have that patented smile; it keeps them from a full blown laugh at how easily the garbage they feed us is swallowed.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


In our two party system, we are told the well heeled tend to lean toward the Republican party, while the downtrodden masses favor the Democrats.

The Democrats tell us how the other side panders to the rich, while ignoring the poor. If they didn't, they would lose their base and flounder as a party.

The Republicans tell us how the other side panders to big government, stealing the money from the elite. If they didn't, they would lose their base and flounder as a party.

It appears the Democrats promise to raise our lot in life; providing better education and higher paying jobs, the Garden of Eden for all. If they keep their promises, would we then all need to turn to the Republicans; to sustain this new found lifestyle?

So maybe there is a method to the madness, as the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. We sustain the two party system.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I love getting money, even when it is my own, from the government. But I am totally against this quick fix solution, that is being hailed by everyone as a godsend to fix our ailing economy.

There are many people out there, that can use it desperately. But how many will use it wisely and pay down debt, or better yet save it for a rainy day. I'm afraid that quite a few will treat it as a gift, and spend far more then they receive; putting them in further debt.

The only ones to benefit from this joke being foisted on the public, are the mismanaged big corporations, and the politicians.

If the politicians really want to fix this economy, hold meaningful investigations; then close all the loop holes that allowed all this predatory lending, leading us into this mess. Finally instead of looking for ways to bail them out, start prosecuting, and send them off to jail, where they belong.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was just notified, that as a settlement of a class action law suit, I am entitled to part of it. Visions of yachts, massive estates, and Ferrari's danced through my head. I finally hit the jackpot.

I will not keep you in suspense, and will divulge my massive refund, that will propel me into a higher income tax bracket. I'm just glad that I will get it in one lump sum, instead of structured payments. I just hope I live long enough to spend the grand total of 25 dollars.

Yes, 25 dollars, is my share of a 336 million dollar settlement against the major credit card companies in a currency conversion fee lawsuit, incurred while traveling overseas.

No big deal you may say. But the following numbers I will present, is what is wrong with this country and needs to be fixed.

Those ever popular attorneys, will make out like bandits. Visa and Master Card have agreed to pay them almost 36 million in fees and expenses. Quite a hefty sum, and most people would be quite satisfied with this total. But lets not forget we are dealing with lawyers.

From this settlement a total of 23 million will be taken for expenses for administrating this fund, and of course, we have to add interest to the fees they will be receiving for litigating this law suit.

Yes boys and girls, there is more. They are requesting 27.5% of the remaining 313 million in the fund for investigating, litigating and resolving the case. Not to look greedy, they are asking for reimbursement of expenses, NOT to exceed 5 million.

I will not be to fast in spending my windfall. Knowing lawyers, they will find a way, to get a part of it also.

Monday, January 21, 2008


As far back as I can remember, there have always been some very hot days during the summer, and bone chilling days in winter. Back in my youth no one gave a second thought to this phenomena.

It was common knowledge, what we had to do to stay cool or warm, after hearing the weather forecast. If not, a mother was always around, to make sure we would survive the heat or cold.When it was hot, people spent most of their time outdoors, drinking cooling liquids, opening windows, and turning on fans to create a breeze.

On the other hand, during the winter we dressed warmly, had hot soup and turned up the thermostat. People survived, and weren't dropping by the thousands.

A few short years ago, mass hysteria began to set in once the temperature hit 90 or above, as well as dipping down to the single digits. News headlines began blaring of doom and gloom. Thousands of reporters brave the elements to give us a blow by blow description, with every rise or dip of a degree in temperature. City officials, experts and doctors all have their say, on how to survive a climatic disaster.

A forecast of an inch or two of snow and store shelves are stripped bare of food, clothing and snow removal paraphernalia. People are interviewed, about how they will survive this catastrophic event. Families tell stories about how they fear they will starve before stores are restocked, in a day or two. Schools are closed, and a hundred and one experts telling us how to keep the children entertained during this one day hiatus, to be sure they are not traumatized for life.

During a hot spell, we are told of global warming, while the next ice age is around the corner, with a few days below zero.

There are some really good things about living in the good old days, when people were able to think for themselves and act accordingly.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am willing to wager a few dollars that if NONE OF THE ABOVE was a choice on ballots in the primaries; the voter turn out would be enormous. People would finally have a voice, being able to choose candidates they prefer. Not the ones with the most money, or anointed by the news media.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Why is it I am less informed now that we have three 24 hour a day news stations, and countless sports networks? Casts of thousands on our sports and news networks give us less information now, then when a total of three kept us fully informed on local and national news, as well as weather and sports in a mind boggling time of thirty minutes.

Do I really need to know every fifteen minutes about the latest antics of Britney or Lindsey, or that Hillary cried, Barack walked on water, or about that haircut that cost $400? Every story is then followed by consultants, advisers, experts, editors, contributors and a flock more to explain what we are apparently too limited to understand.

Every sensational news story, now needs a news conference as well as commentaries from anyone that had at least a minute contact with the person or lived within a fifty mile radius. Now even the kindergarten teachers are being asked for their opinions.

Additionally, all of us at one time or another have spent a day outdoors when it was quite windy; so we don't need weathermen standing outside in a middle of a hurricane to demonstrate the strength of the wind.

And do we need all these ex jocks spewing their same old drivel week in and out? They dress like Bubbles The Clown, trying to out loud each other with their clothes, rather then concentrating on what they are paid for.

And what about the debacle in New Hampshire. Instead of just admitting they were wrong, suddenly sexism, racism and any other ism were suddenly thrust into the lime light to absolve them of any blame.

So in reality we are just getting buried with bull rather then informed. Perhaps a blast from the past needs to make a come back once more.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


My wife will never realize how proud I am of her in attaining her DOCTORATE IN NURSING. She worked long and hard for the past year and a half. She stayed up late many a night and labored hard on weekends to reach her goal.

So here is a toast to a great wife, mother, grandmother, nurse and finally a doctor. We are all so proud of you.