Thursday, January 31, 2008


Now that the Kennedy's have endorsed Barack Obama, and anointed him as the second coming of JFK, do we really want and need another Kennedy look alike?

Many are comparing the two coming from the same mold. No experience and great orators. Having lived through those years, my visions of history, differ quite diffrently from those that portray this era as the time of milk and honey.

The Bay of Pigs, escalation of the Vietnam war, Berlin Wall and how close we came to a nuclear war, always seem forgotten.

Rather we are fed a steady diet, of what is now refered to as the first and only American Royal Family. Yes it was Camelot, as the masses relished in watching the Kennedy clan frolic with the rich and famous. It was a great time for THEM.

I along with millions of other American citizens, must of had those invitations, lost in the mail. You know the ones, promising us a full share of these American dreams. Salaries, that would ensure only one spouse working, a college education for our kids and not worrying about catastrophic medical bills.

Slogans and chants, along with hand clapping might get the morons all enthusiastic. But there are some of us that can think, and want more then all this well packaged bullshit. No wonder the politicians have that patented smile; it keeps them from a full blown laugh at how easily the garbage they feed us is swallowed.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


In our two party system, we are told the well heeled tend to lean toward the Republican party, while the downtrodden masses favor the Democrats.

The Democrats tell us how the other side panders to the rich, while ignoring the poor. If they didn't, they would lose their base and flounder as a party.

The Republicans tell us how the other side panders to big government, stealing the money from the elite. If they didn't, they would lose their base and flounder as a party.

It appears the Democrats promise to raise our lot in life; providing better education and higher paying jobs, the Garden of Eden for all. If they keep their promises, would we then all need to turn to the Republicans; to sustain this new found lifestyle?

So maybe there is a method to the madness, as the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. We sustain the two party system.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I love getting money, even when it is my own, from the government. But I am totally against this quick fix solution, that is being hailed by everyone as a godsend to fix our ailing economy.

There are many people out there, that can use it desperately. But how many will use it wisely and pay down debt, or better yet save it for a rainy day. I'm afraid that quite a few will treat it as a gift, and spend far more then they receive; putting them in further debt.

The only ones to benefit from this joke being foisted on the public, are the mismanaged big corporations, and the politicians.

If the politicians really want to fix this economy, hold meaningful investigations; then close all the loop holes that allowed all this predatory lending, leading us into this mess. Finally instead of looking for ways to bail them out, start prosecuting, and send them off to jail, where they belong.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was just notified, that as a settlement of a class action law suit, I am entitled to part of it. Visions of yachts, massive estates, and Ferrari's danced through my head. I finally hit the jackpot.

I will not keep you in suspense, and will divulge my massive refund, that will propel me into a higher income tax bracket. I'm just glad that I will get it in one lump sum, instead of structured payments. I just hope I live long enough to spend the grand total of 25 dollars.

Yes, 25 dollars, is my share of a 336 million dollar settlement against the major credit card companies in a currency conversion fee lawsuit, incurred while traveling overseas.

No big deal you may say. But the following numbers I will present, is what is wrong with this country and needs to be fixed.

Those ever popular attorneys, will make out like bandits. Visa and Master Card have agreed to pay them almost 36 million in fees and expenses. Quite a hefty sum, and most people would be quite satisfied with this total. But lets not forget we are dealing with lawyers.

From this settlement a total of 23 million will be taken for expenses for administrating this fund, and of course, we have to add interest to the fees they will be receiving for litigating this law suit.

Yes boys and girls, there is more. They are requesting 27.5% of the remaining 313 million in the fund for investigating, litigating and resolving the case. Not to look greedy, they are asking for reimbursement of expenses, NOT to exceed 5 million.

I will not be to fast in spending my windfall. Knowing lawyers, they will find a way, to get a part of it also.

Monday, January 21, 2008


As far back as I can remember, there have always been some very hot days during the summer, and bone chilling days in winter. Back in my youth no one gave a second thought to this phenomena.

It was common knowledge, what we had to do to stay cool or warm, after hearing the weather forecast. If not, a mother was always around, to make sure we would survive the heat or cold.When it was hot, people spent most of their time outdoors, drinking cooling liquids, opening windows, and turning on fans to create a breeze.

On the other hand, during the winter we dressed warmly, had hot soup and turned up the thermostat. People survived, and weren't dropping by the thousands.

A few short years ago, mass hysteria began to set in once the temperature hit 90 or above, as well as dipping down to the single digits. News headlines began blaring of doom and gloom. Thousands of reporters brave the elements to give us a blow by blow description, with every rise or dip of a degree in temperature. City officials, experts and doctors all have their say, on how to survive a climatic disaster.

A forecast of an inch or two of snow and store shelves are stripped bare of food, clothing and snow removal paraphernalia. People are interviewed, about how they will survive this catastrophic event. Families tell stories about how they fear they will starve before stores are restocked, in a day or two. Schools are closed, and a hundred and one experts telling us how to keep the children entertained during this one day hiatus, to be sure they are not traumatized for life.

During a hot spell, we are told of global warming, while the next ice age is around the corner, with a few days below zero.

There are some really good things about living in the good old days, when people were able to think for themselves and act accordingly.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am willing to wager a few dollars that if NONE OF THE ABOVE was a choice on ballots in the primaries; the voter turn out would be enormous. People would finally have a voice, being able to choose candidates they prefer. Not the ones with the most money, or anointed by the news media.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Why is it I am less informed now that we have three 24 hour a day news stations, and countless sports networks? Casts of thousands on our sports and news networks give us less information now, then when a total of three kept us fully informed on local and national news, as well as weather and sports in a mind boggling time of thirty minutes.

Do I really need to know every fifteen minutes about the latest antics of Britney or Lindsey, or that Hillary cried, Barack walked on water, or about that haircut that cost $400? Every story is then followed by consultants, advisers, experts, editors, contributors and a flock more to explain what we are apparently too limited to understand.

Every sensational news story, now needs a news conference as well as commentaries from anyone that had at least a minute contact with the person or lived within a fifty mile radius. Now even the kindergarten teachers are being asked for their opinions.

Additionally, all of us at one time or another have spent a day outdoors when it was quite windy; so we don't need weathermen standing outside in a middle of a hurricane to demonstrate the strength of the wind.

And do we need all these ex jocks spewing their same old drivel week in and out? They dress like Bubbles The Clown, trying to out loud each other with their clothes, rather then concentrating on what they are paid for.

And what about the debacle in New Hampshire. Instead of just admitting they were wrong, suddenly sexism, racism and any other ism were suddenly thrust into the lime light to absolve them of any blame.

So in reality we are just getting buried with bull rather then informed. Perhaps a blast from the past needs to make a come back once more.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


My wife will never realize how proud I am of her in attaining her DOCTORATE IN NURSING. She worked long and hard for the past year and a half. She stayed up late many a night and labored hard on weekends to reach her goal.

So here is a toast to a great wife, mother, grandmother, nurse and finally a doctor. We are all so proud of you.