Monday, March 24, 2008


The assets of millions of Americans were devoured by the large banking system. Greed at its finest preyed on people's dreams of owning a home. New types of loans were created weekly to ensure no victim would escape these predators.

Every gambit was used to lure the unsuspecting victims. A few made millions in profits, while millions will be losing everything. Even the many on the sidelines, that played by the rules, have seen the value of their homes drop in value, in order that the few could enjoy tidy bonuses.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the vultures are circling over head and picking the bones clean of these victims. Hopes were raised, that homes would be saved; only to be dashed, as what little money these people had was sucked up by these vultures, and the homes pulled out from under them. The vultures on the other hand are a protected species.

Where are all these agencies that are supposed to protect these unsuspecting souls? If we can throw yachts to save the drowning bankers, can't we at least throw inflatable vests to save the rest?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have some news for all of those that keep talking about what a great orator Barack Obama is and how inspirational his speeches are.

I guess that is how most of the people felt about the lenders who had them sign up for all the low prime, no down payment and interest only loans to buy a home. Those lenders must have sounded fantastic to get so many to sign up. And now we can see the financial mess this country is in, after falling for all those fancy promises of owning homes, they couldn't afford.

And what is the common response we hear from those that have been taken to the cleaners by a con man? He looked and sounded so good, we can't believe he cheated us out of our life's savings.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I watched all day as a power struggle ensued over territorial rights of our pond. No weapons of mass destruction, no beating of war drums. Nor was there any vocal oratory from either side. No military complex was brought up to full capacity. No Haliburton representative was in sight to profit from another conflict. Even the news media were caught off guard with their resources severely strained. All their equipment were deployed, as Paris, Brittaney and Lindsy struck on the same day. Nor was the peace and quiet disturbed by politicians from either side debating whether to finance this fracas or not.

The combatants in today's battle were a newly arrived pair of mallard ducks; a male and female dressed in full color so as to distinguish the sexes. On the other side were two Canadian geese, whose sex could not be determined, due to their drab dress. But I do believe they are a male and female, since in the past five years they have produced an armada of goslings that patrolled our lake and pond.

The female mallard was clearly the aggressor as she bravely swam into the face of the enemy which was noticeably larger then she. Menacingly, not far behind, the male was there to enter the fray if hostilities escalated. This swift and silent attack into the face of a far superior force, left the geese in disarray with no choice but to retreat to the safety of the slopes above the pond.

For the rest of the day the mallards kept a wary eye on the enemy, as they inspected their newly won territory. To my great joy, I was left to dine at a local fish fry instead of having roast duck or a suckling goose.

Not all wars have casualties.


Every time I hear someone defending excessive CEO pay and perks, I hear the same old tried and true refrain. "To get the best and brightest CEOs, we have to lure them with high salaries and big compensation packages".

So boys and girls, here is my stupid question of the day. Since we are paying them these absurd amounts of money, and supposedly they are the best of the best; why then are so many corporations losing billions of dollars and our economy is taking a dump?

I do believe they are so busy sitting on each others boards, raising each others pay packages, there is very little money or time left to do what they were hired for.

The same also holds true for government workers and athletes. As pay scales go up, service and performance seem to wane.

Let's try something different. Drop salaries drastically, and watch our economy rebound while services and performances increase. Bring them back to the real world, and have them live like the rest of us.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Did you ever wonder why our congress never gets anything done, and why so many things die once they are sent to committee for further review?

Wonder no more. I have solved this little dilemma while watching our so called elected leaders in action as they probed steroid use in baseball. It was no different when questioning CEO's about excessive salaries, or increasing H1B visas where Bill Gates was the star witness.

They used up most of their allotted time ass kissing and acting like star struck groupies with the array of ball players and over payed execs. So grow up and get your lips off of those pampered asses, and do the job you were elected to do. Go to a rock concert if you want to swoon and drool.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I would love to see the playground monitor, step forward, and tell the three candidates to leave the playground and stop playing, "I want to be president". They need to grow up, and quit acting like spoiled kids. As a matter of fact we should write a note to their parents to keep them home until they can act like grownups. Better yet, tell them all we will just find someone to replace them; someone who will act like they are running for president.

No more comedy shows, yelling sprees or crying jags; you're running for president, not comedian of the year.

Stop the hand clapping, slogans and cheers; this isn't a high school pep rally. It may work with the clueless, but not with me.

Stop this insane fund raising. It isn't who has the most marbles that will make the best president.

Stop this childish, he said/she said. I'm no fool, and I know that all "snippets" are well planned and thought out blurbs meant to get out into the media; no matter how much you deny it or apologize for it. You will do anything to have the media go into a feeding frenzy.

Until I can pay my bills or purchase something with it, stop with all this hope and inspiration. If I want that, I will go to church.

If you're going to pitch all this bullshit, have the courtesy of buying me some hip waders.

There are a thousand and one things, that are going wrong with this country. I don't want fancy oratory, but rather solutions to these problems.

There is more to fear on our streets then guys wearing towels wrapped around their heads. None of you have even come close to addressing these problems.

It's easy to talk about lost jobs, when you have some of the best paying jobs in the world, with benefits galore. Talk to me about health benefits, when you have the same coverage as I do; talk to me about senior citizens when you have the same pension and social security as I do; and not the coverage for life, that congress has.

I'm not voting for you to make history, no matter what color or gender you are, if your not going to put this country's interests before your own.

Five year olds act with more maturity, then our candidates.... and we wonder why we are the laughing stock of the world.