Friday, November 20, 2009


Governing bodies whether it be local, county or state are all crying over the deficits they are all facing. The leaders are crying about the shortfalls in the budgets, and thus vital services will have to be cut off. I am always happy to hear that the first cuts proposed are always the unnecessary services such as health and education; then followed by fire and police protection, rather than the essential, ever growing fat of cronyism.

Well I have a great solution for all of these cry babies that will balance the budget and while at the same time cut taxes and thus ensure their reelection. Just stop spending on these lazy, good for nothing WELFARE QUEENS.

No, I am not talking about single mother's with kids, no matter how many kids they have. In spite of what people think of them; they pale in comparison to the real welfare queens that are growing out of control.

Who are these parasites that are gobbling up our taxes at an alarming rate? Simply put, they are family, friends and contributors of the so called inner circle. Made up jobs with astronomic salaries, plus benefits and pensions galore.

We read in our daily paper how this inner circle is double and triple dipping their grubby fingers into the pie; collecting pensions while earning huge salaries at other government jobs created just for them. Eventually they collect higher pensions than what they earned in original salaries. If they run out of job titles to give these queens, they then fall back on the old "consultant fees" that run into hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars; without any oversight.

Then there are those phantom jobs, which are so super secret, that even if someone employed in one these positions, decided to report for work, wouldn't know where to go. And don't forget to count those never ending million dollar studies; the one's that always seem to go to family members, for projects that never seem to get off the ground. Amazing how so many lucrative contracts always seem to find companies that just happen to employ a relative in a highly paid executive position. Of course we all know they are highly qualified.

I am not naive and know this has been going on since the beginning of time; that public officials like to tip the till. But now our officials have taken a page from Wall Street, and no longer have a set limit on their greed, as they find more clever ways to tax us to continue to spend at will.

It's just that now these queens are bringing us to financial destruction; not health and education that they are so are so quick to blame for our financial crisis.

Quit your whining and crying and start acting like adults and do the job you were elected to do. While you are at it look back at all those promises you made during the campaign. You know the ones about lowering taxes and cleaning up government.

Would not that be refreshing?