Monday, April 30, 2007


The price of oil has remained fairly constant the past few weeks, but the price of gasoline has taken off like a NASA rocket. Can this be attributed to the market place at work, as we are led to believe, or the well laid plans of the big oil companies?

I tend to believe it is the latter, since no new refineries have been built since 1977, nor are there plans on the drawing boards for any more capacity.

All of a sudden, this turns out to be an unusual year, in that consumption has dramatically increased in what normally should be a slow season. No explanation is given for the big increase in consumption.

Not satisfied, two big refinery fires are thrown into the mix, as a booster rocket, to propel the prices higher.

Gasoline is taxed not by the gallon, but rather the price of that gallon. Oh those tax coffers will be over flowing, could be a reason we do not hear from the politicians. They are to busy finding ways to spend this new found wealth.

Can't wait for July and the reporting of profits for the second quarter. What song and dance are we going to get then?

NEWS FLASH: Exxon just reported, record profits for first quarter. Must be the good management there.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Here is a news flash, thumb wrestling will not be included as an event in the next Olympics, nor will it be the next sports craze to hit ESPN.

So Boys and girls of all ages, do drop those remotes, and video games and stop building up the muscles in those thumbs, get up off your asses and venture forth into the great outdoors. To the uninformed, it's the place where there are many green colored things around, such as grass and trees. You know the things you hire foreign workers to trim during the growing season. And did you know flowers do not always come from flower shops, but have been seen growing in the wild expanses surrounding your home.

Did you also know that the spray in a can you use, called fresh outdoor scent, can be obtained free by breathing outdoors. And those are not left over white Christmas lights up in the sky at night; those are real stars, and no, not the ones you find in Hollywood.

And some of those sounds you hear are made by real live birds, and not the ones that you purchase at your local Walgreen's or CVS. And if you try fishing, please do not mount fish on the wall, as it will not sing like that one that you purchased for your simple entertainment.

A strange thing may occur if your neighbors venture forth also. You may actually find out who occupies those houses on either side of yours. Even tho high fences surround these properties, unlike the zoo it's OK to talk and even feed those creatures next door, and yes invite them over as a group, and have what is called a party. You knew people for a few blocks around, what a strange concept. And yes kids could play safely on the street, since someone was always watching out for their safety.

Before the dawn of electronic gadgets, people spent their days and nights outside. Mothers would plead with the kids to go indoors, since it was late. Now they have to plead for them to go outside if only for a few minutes.

In future episodes I will include activities, that at first might seem strange, but be assured , I will not lead you astray, and will guarantee that you will have fun. And those thumbs will get a well needed rest.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


During several pleasurable trips of taking babies for a ride in a stroller, I began to think about our infatuation with safety.

The babies were first strapped into a carrier, a rock hard plastic shell, and only then placed in a stroller. NASCAR power would not be used to propel this vehicle down the sidewalk, rather just one old fart, who would attain a record shattering speed of 3 mph.
Covers for electric outlets, bumpers for furniture, helmets, pads for every part of the body. May be that's why lately, teenagers have been doing stupid and reckless things, since they never had a chance to learn of what may be dangerous to life and limb.

Diving boards have disappeared from swimming pools, and the pool will soon follow as hotels have replaced them with knee depth wading pools, or no pool at all. Fun taken away, for safety's sake.

Vehicles with seat belts, airbags, and other safety devices, yet the death toll from traffic accidents remains constant. Could it be that we are loured into thinking we are so safe, that we drive more reckless.

How many things have been banned or eliminated just because someone was hurt, and in a lot of cases it was pure stupidity that caused it? Thinking and being careful are becoming passe, with all the rules and regulations.

Even wars are started under the guise it's for our safety. No one sits down and says, lets think this over, and is this war really necessary?

If you hit someone with malice intent, the charge was battery. Then we had to have special laws if the victim was a policeman or fireman. Women, gays, blacks, and seniors had to have their own law. Why is one group more important then the next?

All this money spent on safety products, bans and laws, and yet we are no safer.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Why are there all these protests over the petty bickering by both parties in Washington?
While they act like children on a school playground, our pockets are being picked every day.
No where is a whimper heard as everyone pays unnecessary fees that are tacked on daily to our various accounts.

It used to be that banks were so happy to have you as a customer, that they even gave away promotional items. The perks disappeared and service charges reared their ugly head with a one page charge sheet. Within a few years that list exploded into a booklet with a charge for every little thing. Talk to a teller: a charge. Don't talk to a teller:a charge. Over activity charges, under activity charges. New ones are dreamed up on a daily basis.

The utility companies decided they wanted part of the action. Under the guise of clarifying your bill, they tacked on charges by making up fancy names for charges and keeping them low enough so no one questioned them.
There are fees for anything and everything.

Even the fancy restaurants, with there separate prices for the entree, vegetable, and other sides; got into the action. Anyway to charge more and yet still they do not receive complaints.

Ah good citizens, put on the bandanas, light your torches, bring forth the tar and feathers and let us storm the board rooms that are sticking us with these fees. Show them you are no longer going to take it. It may hurt a bit to not use your credit card, or stop watching cable. However, it has to start somewhere. It is time to close your wallet and open your mouth.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


People have to get licenses to drive, fish, hunt and so forth. Wouldn't life be ever so pleasant if we made people get a license to own and operate a cell phone.
No more following one of the space cadets in traffic, or be forced to listen to an inane conversation that is so loud, it would drown out the roar of a stadium crowd.
And it would make shopping for a cell phone more simple, since there would only need to be two or three to choose from instead of the thousands that are now needed to satisfy these dim witted souls.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Now that the two mouths who formed a tag team have vanquished the formidable opponent named Imus; I am waiting in great anticipation for their next match.
The mouths, for those who may not know, are the Revs Al and Jesse. The match will be against all the gangsta rappers.
I just know they will be as diligent and vigorous in their pursuit, as OJ Simpson has been in his quest to find the real killer/killers of his wife and Ron Goldman. After all these years, and he is still on the trail.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


We have to take the "Imus" fiasco as a wake up call. This incident was like a blaring Las Vegas neon sign with all the things that ail our society today.
I was appalled at how anyone and everyone stepped into line and once there, fell like dominoes spouting words from cue cards , afraid to waiver from the script. Hundreds appeared on camera, with no original thought or comment. The bodies and faces changed, but the drivel was constantly the same.
What ever happened to a nation that had a set as large as watermelons? A nation that was respected around the world; not the laughing stock it is today. Paper tigers make us cower in fear, as they spout venomous words without a bit of worry as to the repercussions for said actions.
On the world stage we are eunuchs. Trading partners take advantage of us, and all we can come up with is to send delegations to complain. No action, just words to express our displeasure and then they come back with their tails between their legs, with nothing accomplished.
Two blowhards holding this nation hostage, and no one with a set to confront them. Even the phenomena Obama, waited five days to see how the winds were blowing, before he issued his feelings on the subject. He too read from the same cue card, not wanting to take a stance for fear of rocking the boat.
It was only some words, but from the reaction you would think the man did a drive by shooting at a school yard. What ever happened to "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me".
Since medical science found a way to augment breasts, is it possible that they might find a way to do so with a lower part of the anatomy and save this nation?

Friday, April 13, 2007


They have to be rolling with laughter in the halls of Illinois State Capitol, the Cook County building, as well as Chicago City Hall. I joined them after learning the facts of Paul Wolfowitz's transgression today.
Paul would be considered a novice, a babe in the woods compared to our stalwarts, who have it down to a science.
One measly appointment wouldn't even merit a blip on the screen, where several dozen are considered the norm for a mere honorable mention.
Come to Illinois to see how government really works.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


For the answer to why the TV news media goes on these news feeding frenzies, such as Imus presently and Nichole a few weeks back, one only has to pick up a few newspapers and with a bit of patience and vigilance can find the real news gems well hidden and camouflaged.
At first they are hard to find, but as the eyes are trained to spot these bits, you will be well rewarded.

A few prime examples; A state of Illinois senator had the qualifications changed for a high paying position, so that his wife could be hired for it. And our infamous county board president is about to hire his one thousandth friend or relative for a county job. These items were well buried so as to keep the public uninformed.

During this time the price of oil dropped, but without any reasonable explanation the price of gas skyrocketed to THREE dollars a gallon. Our troops are having their tours of duty extended by three months. Meanwhile,National Guard troops here at home are without proper equipment to do their jobs. Stories that should have glaring headlines are buried, so that no one would question them.

So the next time, don't jump on the band wagon no matter the story; but do question as to why we are having it forced down our throats. Then maybe we will know if our veterans are being properly taken care of or, if after just a few head lines, and a bit of paint and plaster the matter was just glossed over. Then when the politicians had their time in front of the camera to show off their indignation, it's back to business as usual.


Now that the Rutgers basketball team has agreed to appear on the Oprah Show, no longer is this a frivolous news story cluttering up the air ways, it has been legitimized by being given Oprah's blessing. Now even I, will not be able to find fault with this story.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In years past mommy's loved to hear that. It meant it was time for a TWO-FER. Johnny would catch a smack on the side of the head for saying @#$%&? and Jimmy would get get his smack for snitching. Two smacks, case closed and life was back to normal.

Today news conferences, appearance of the matching bobble-head dolls of the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton as they make their way around the news room, not missing a beat.

Apologise galore and maybe time in rehab to follow. Round table discussions, as specialist from every field, try to out do each other to the severity of the situation. And let us not forget the ever breaking news event every time any of the parties hiccups.

If we just ignored it, the whole situation would just go away. No feelings hurt, the time could be spent on use full news, and the best news of all, a bit less time of listening to those two idiots trying to butcher the English language.


The Masters Golf Tournament was completed this past weekend, and I couldn't believe the whimpering done by tabloid and video media. How dare they make the course harder to play. And then the inclement weather made everyone shoot over par. No longer glorified stars, just mortals like you and I.
The new Major League stadiums, with there Little League dimensions, so that it would be easier to hit home runs for the over medicated so called sluggers.
I have played in rougher touch football games, then what passes for professional football. When was the last time you saw a football player who looked like he just played a game of tackle?
Booing is being outlawed in certain school districts, so as not to offend opposing players.
Excellent students are being punished with the elimination of honors programs and honor rolls so as not to offend the morons. Don't raise the bridge, lower the water.
At the rate they are increasing the Bowl season and the number of them, soon every college football team will play in one.
We would have one football championship team in days gone by. Now it is up to eight classes, with talk of increasing it to more. Just declare them all champions and be done with it. Classic literature and art are routinely removed from walls and book shelves, just because ONE person claims to be offended.
We have been lowering the bar in athletics as well as in academics, so that when we are faced with a dilemma, we are at a complete loss as what to do. No wonder the world is passing us up so quickly.

Friday, April 6, 2007


What is the magic ingredient, that they put into "Budweiser" beer that causes one who consumes it in a moving vehicle, to automatically propel the empty container through the vehicles open window, to dot our country side with these horrendous colored cans and bottles?
If this formula was changed a bit, so that this beverage would be consumed in a proper locale with receptacles to capture the used containers, this would be a common sense thing to do.
But then again if common sense prevailed, would anyone consume this swill that passes as beer.


Are people's lives so shallow these days, that they are rushing to make anyone and everyone a celebrity? The latest craze seems to be Sonjaya of American Idol. The airways are filled with how a no talent has garnered the idiots attention. The great Roman Empire fell as people built and adorned temples with various false Gods. Today we are doing the same thing as we place people on pedestals; not for what they have accomplished, but rather the outrageous acts they commit.
It wouldn't be so bad, except so many rush to emulate these morons, thinking that there lives have vastly improved as they dress and act as these so called celebrities.
Talent and normal behavior are dismissed as something odd and unnatural. Loud and boorish behavior are considered a normal trait for advancement, as witnessed by our newscasters who try and out do each other with their antics.
When we stop clamering for more and start to ignore these idiots, maybe the pendelum will swing back toward normalacy and we will once more act like mature adults and lead normal lives.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


The politicos in Washington know the game plan well. Give the masses a few rousing speeches, then act offended when accusing the powers in charge of frivolous scandals, holding hearings and keeping it a hot issue as long as they can. Keep the public outraged at routine politics that have been going on for years. In the mean time, business goes on as usual as the politicians line their and their friends pockets with our hard earned money. Special interest groups from "K" street know the game well, being former congressmen or their assistants in this game.
Passing bills that the lobbies favor, and being rewarded with million dollar contracts at the end of their tenure in congress. No wonder some are so eager to leave public service, knowing that a pot of gold awaits them.
So like junk yard dogs, we chew with joy at the few bones they throw our way, as they walk away with everything out the back door.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


I thought I was caught in a movie set as I drove through the suburbs. Over and over again the same old thing as one town ran into the next. Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, and Sears divided by McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and such and back to the big boxes, and then the fast food restaurants as if I was on a merry-go-round. No land marks, just generic strip malls anchored with one or two big names. The landscape dotted with the fast food joints. Luckily I was sober and was able to escape the wild world of oz.
Are we becoming such idiots that we no longer can flurish with something different, or is it that we can't survive if everything isn't laid out in a prescribed order?.