Saturday, December 29, 2007


It has become a tradition for me to make the trek to Fozzy Bear's Bar & Grill every Christmas Eve . It's a modest place on the South side of Chicago, and I have known the proprietor of the establishment for quite a few years now.

On Christmas Eve he dons many a hat, as host, chef and mixologist. His trademark breaded shrimp and fish I look forward to all year, to savor, along with his world renown Italian sausage. Chefs the world over would kill to get his recipe, for those shrimp. And I even get to tote some home, guarding them with my life. Fearing for their safety, I end up devouring most of them on the way home.

As for pouring drinks; the man has no equal. He knows the perfect combination of water to Scotch. He is the most skilled of all, in pouring this fine elixir of the gods.

It would have been a perfect evening of food, drink and fine companionship. There was only one thing missing. That was Scooter and his patented laugh, that lights up a room whenever he enters. We both missed him, and we silently toasted to his health.

Don't ask me for directions, to find this bar & grill. It's only open one night a year; and is by invitation only.

Monday, December 24, 2007


One fantastic wife
Six wonderful kids
Eight outstanding grand kids plus one in the oven
A couple of great friends and a wonderful family
Numerous acquaintances
Forty acres of pure heaven in Central Illinois
Lets not forget the half full bottle of MACALLAN 18year old Scotch to warm the insides

With all this bounty, there is nothing that little fat guy in a red suit can bring me to top it, except maybe another full bottle of those aged spirits. So, to all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am all for getting rid of this new breed of mommies, and bringing back the good old fashioned Mom. You know what I am talking about. These micro managing, over informed, I know what's best for my kids mom's, instead of the old fashioned mom who was there only when you needed her.

Everyone is on the edge of their seats, wondering, what got the old goat's dander up this time. I wont keep you in suspense. It's these health crazed mommies, who want to destroy their kids school Christmas parties; by serving health foods, instead of the decadent cupcakes and cookies.

Cupcakes and cookies are being replaced with wheat bread, iced with low -fat cream cheese and decorated with sliced veggies, such as shredded carrots, mini broccoli or cut up red peppers. I can just see the kids jumping up and down with glee at seeing all that nutrition they will be gobbling up. The fun is being taken out of parties, over worry about ever expanding waist lines. But your the same idiots that were for banning tag from school lots, where kids burned off those calories by chasing each other around.

You enjoyed stuffing your face with all those goodies, so why deprive your kids of the same joy. So screw all of these nutritionists. As a matter of fact, the more of these people that appear on the scene, with all their facts and figures, the fatter we get.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I can remember a time gone by, when adults would gather on front porches and talk to one another; and as the children played, everyone enjoyed the outdoors. Neighbors knew one another by their first names.

In those days people parked on the street and would greet their neighbors as they parked their cars and walked into the house. Now with side drives and garage door openers, people pull in and walk directly into the house, not even knowing who lives next door.

Not to long ago, people would lean on chain link fences and converse with one another in the back yard. Then privacy became the big issue, and a war ensued to see who could build the bigger and more secure fence; to isolate us from one another.

Kids were able to play outside, since there was always a watchful eye to see that they were safe from any predators and themselves.

At one time you enjoyed the company of your neighbors, and their stories. They were always more then willing to give you a helping hand with your kids, or to fix something around the house.

We discarded these people, and now give our undivided attention to Oprah, Judge Judy and alike. Call one of them and see if they will keep an eye on your kids for an hour or two as you run some errands.

So the next time you see your neighbor, say hello. Start a trend, and who knows, your neighborhood may be as exciting, if not more so, then the one on Desperate Housewives.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I know there is going to be an election in November of 2008. Now, however, with the entry of Oprah and rock bands in the Obama campaign this weekend, it begs the question; are we going to vote for a president, or the next American Idol?

The media does refer to him as a rock star, rather then a presidential hopeful. As a result, issues have taken a back seat to glitz and glimmer. The corn in Iowa will grow twenty feet tall with the amount of bull shit that has been spread around the state for all these months.

I have yet to see Obama take a stand on any real issue. From the many sound bites from him and his supporters; I gather that I should be taking guitar lessons. It seems the message is that once he is elected, we will all sit around large camp fires, singing Kumbya My Lord, roasting marshmallows, and```` all our problems will be solved.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Two news stories in the past week really struck me. Tho they were unrelated, they both showed where our priorities are when it comes to education.

The first was on Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports. It was a story of an alumni, Boone Pickens a Texas oil billionaire. It seems that he has donated $165 million dollars to Oklahoma State University. Every one of those dollars going toward the state of the art athletic facilities and the improvement of the football stadium; so that the best football talent would be drawn to the university.

The other was a short news item on a radio station, that we now rank 23rd in the world, when it comes to math and science.

We constantly read stories of school districts, cutting educational programs, for lack of funding. But funds are always readily available for athletic programs. Students are short changed, while athletes are treated to first rate facilities.

Teachers pinch pennies, to survive, with the meager wages they receive. Yet multi million dollar contracts for coaches are the norm.

Page upon page is devoted to athletic endeavors in our daily papers. But academic achievements are relegated to a line or two on the obituary page.

As long as the football and basketball teams are winning, who cares if Johnny can't read or write. No wonder the world is passing us up, and the only jobs Johnny is qualified for are flipping burgers and those ever popular high paying Wal-Mart jobs.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Sometime back, while browsing through the many sections of a book store, and as the title of this post would indicate; a book I once enjoyed came to mind. I began hoping for a big bonfire; fueled by many of the books around me . No, I am not advocating any form of censorship. All I am trying to do is save a few trees, and eliminate these mega book stores.

The first to go would be all those diet books, which raise a false hope in millions of people. The only thing they ever seem to lose by purchasing these books is their money. I compare the writers of these books to the old medicine peddlers, from years gone by; as they sold bottles of their magic elixir to an unsuspecting public.

Next would be all those cook books. This new trend for everyone with a cute gimmick is to write a cook book. We can't pronounce the names of most of the ingredients, much less have them around the kitchen. That well worn, red covered Betty Crocker book has everything you need to know; besides anything cooked from that book is guaranteed to be eaten.

The expose' or tell all books would follow. If you are such a sleaze, and bite the hand that once fed you; how can you be trusted in anything you have to say. Enough said on these books.

In the next episode we will continue to build this bonfire, as we bring the book store back to its normal size; a place that serious book enthusiasts can once more enjoy.


I don't know about anybody else, but I am getting mighty pissed at all the politicians from local to federal; like vultures, picking my bones clean. They have forgotten, that they are elected officials, and not royalty.

Hey elected official....

Those are "My" tax dollars, and not yours. These dollars were intended to provide you with an equitable salary and benefits. The rest was to provide services for us, the tax paying public.

In the past I didn't mind your skimming a few dollars off the top to enhance your life style, and that of a few friends. But now as time goes on, you have gotten greedy. No longer is it a dollar here, a dollar there; now its just back up the dump truck and load it up.

What got his dander up, you may wonder? Relax and I will tell you. These past few months the mayor and president of the county board have been crying poor mouth, and finding new ways to fleece us. Taxes upon taxes are charged in order to hire friends and family at exorbitant salaries, for do nothing jobs, with do nothing employees.

I am ready to march on city hall and all the other bastions, after reading an article in the local paper. The interim police superintendent will retire in January with a $130,000 a year pension, and, after retiring, will be handed a $100,000 plus a year job as a head of some Human Relations commission. He is not the first; just the latest of an ever growing list of jobs created to waste my tax dollars.

This double and triple dipping has got to stop! If you can't get by on that meager pension, GET A REAL JOB, and don't sponge off my hard earned dollars.