Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The ever so unpopular Question Of The Day will be making an occasional appearance. Today's question is a bit winded, but it does need answering.

No matter the ailment or condition, we have a pill or liquid to alleviate the problem. Pills can take off weight or put it on, put you to sleep or keep you awake and alert for hours. A liquid to stop the runs, and a pill to start them. The drug companies can solve any problem as long as it proves profitable.

As the consumption of Stupid Pills increases,not only in the quantity taken, but the amount of people taking them, adding to the profit margins of the giant drug makers, we arrive to the question of the day. Are these startling facts, the reason drug makers are shying away from developing and introducing a Smart Pill, knowing that it would prove to be an unprofitable proposition?

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La Sirena said...

I can't really comment articulately here because of my occupation, so suffice it to say: in the end, everyone is seeking some type of buzz -- prescribed or otherwise.