Monday, January 30, 2012

THE 99%

I was going to make this the shortest post possible by describing them with just the use of my favorite word, "MORONS". It would have sufficed for many of us, but for those few that have a hard time understanding that word, I will try to describe them in detail.

We have a group of fools who believe that by waving a few signs around, sleeping outside in the inclement weather and ignoring proper hygiene; they will put fear into the hearts of those villainous 1%.

Integrity and values, something the other side doesn't have, is their biggest down fall. The Democrats and unions saw them as a giant voting block, and the minute they declared themselves neutral: they became a nuisance and the police were called in to practice their baton strokes on their vacuum filled heads

If they had an ounce of intelligence in all of their collective heads, they would have come to this old fool and I would have told them how to put fear into their faint hearts and watch the tears weld up in their eyes as they watched their fortunes shrink. And it could have been done from the comfort of their own homes.

It's called voting with your wallet. The minute people weren't waiting in line for days to get the latest gadget with a new bell or whistle on it. Cut their consumption of Lattes to one a week or none at all. Stopped paying outrages prices for a cocktail just because it had a fancy name in a fancy named restaurant. As soon as the villains realized that the money was staying in your pocket and not flowing into theirs, the 99% would be in the drivers seat, dictating the rules on how the game should be played.

So as long as people continue to dig themselves into deeper debt by buying more of what they don't need, the 1% will grow richer as the 99% grow poorer, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

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