Sunday, January 29, 2012


Facebook was a fun place to visit until what I call the Lemming mentality swamped most everyone in its wake. It started out innocently with the copy, paste and re-post if you believe in one thing or another. Then the pressure was slowly increased as these post's went from belief into a threat if you dont re-post it.

The herd then attempted to outdo one another with an avalanche of YouTube postings and the straw that broke this camel's back was the rash of Wall Photos that began to appear at an alarming rate. It wasn't enough to post one or two; this was an arms race to see who could post the most. To make matters worse the Lemmings began to share them, as the screen was soon covered with the same lame joke over and over again. There are only three places where these comments belong. 1. Cheap made in China plaques in souvenir shops. 2. On t-shirts. 3. In catalogs that clog your mail box.

Some, oh what the hell, all my posts and comments were weird and lame;but at least I put a little effort into trying to bring a smile on people's faces. It took a while but I finally realized why I lost a majority of my audience on my posts. I made the fatal mistake of having sentences that were longer then four or five words and even worse, more then two sentences strung together. In this texting age, by the time many people get to the third sentence, they have forgotten what was in the first two and have to go back to the beginning. Like a hamster on a wheel, they eventually get bored, and go to a post that doesn't tax their brain.

And how many people have to tell us TGIF? Surprise; I and many others know how to read a calender. We know weekends are short, but they become shorter as we are told how short they are.

There was a handful of fantastic people who knew how to play the game and I thank you. You helped bring a smile to my face. To the rest of you, wake up, get a life, and stop following the crowd over a cliff.

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