Sunday, December 27, 2009


In the wake of the latest terrorist attempt, more silly-assed regulations are being implemented to thwart these attacks; and by doing so our traveling experience is becoming even more miserable.

Why make the general public suffer these inconveniences? As it is well known that most of these terror attacks are committed by the terror group know as AARP, with their secret training bases in Florida and Arizona; from this day on, let's take every senior citizen that is traveling by air and have them go through secondary searches. As a senior myself, I feel so much safer when I and others in their upper years, are pulled aside and searched.

We continue to pull seniors from the line and subject them to fruitless searches; all for the sake of not offending certain people. Offending the very people who don't seem to have a problem with blowing themselves up along with a plane load of innocent people does seem to smack a little bit of Un-American Activity.

So wonder no more on why these terrorists slip by, just increase your scrutiny of these seniors and the problem will be solved.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Maybe if the president looked at the war in terms of a football game, he wouldn't have agreed to send an additional thirty thousand troops to Afghanistan. You may ask, how does a war compare to a football game?

The answer is very simple. Take our side which has been on offense for the past eight years. Over sixty thousand strong in man power; with fire power and resources galore; and with leadership that is the finest West Point can produce, we have what it takes.

Now for their defense; I will be generous and give them ten thousand in man power, with minimal fire power, and half arsed leadership.

This would be the same as a full squad of eleven on offense, with the best equipment, training and coaching available; going against a defense equal to two defensive players, wearing leather helmets, and little or no training, much less a coaching staff.

In eight years we haven't been able to score a touchdown, much less a safety or a field goal. With an advantage of eleven to two, plus all the other pluses and still no score; I think the odds are not very favorable for a score...

... even if we increase our offensive team to seventeen and theirs remain at two.

This same game was played upon our own shores as a mighty team from Brittan was defeated by an under manned, under armed and under coached team during the Revolutionary War.

We are great at beating other top-tiered teams, but we get our ass kicked by the sand lot ones.

Let's learn from history; from the Brits, the Russians, the French...oh, and let's not forget a little place called Vietnam ...