Monday, September 29, 2008


I was going to start out by saying, quit acting like kids, and get this financial mess resolved. But being a parent and and now a grand parent, I feel like I am giving our elected representatives to much credit.

Trough out the years I have watched my kids and now my grand kids have an untold amount of spats among themselves and their friends. I was always amazed at how quickly things were always resolved without my intervention, and they were back playing together as if nothing had happened.

Today I watched as supposedly grown and well educated adults, that are supposed to represent us, showboat in front of TV cameras as they point fingers and try to asses the blame. Not me mommy, it's all Johnnies fault, is repeated by both sides, way to many times.

I got news for you. This glass of milk wasn't spilled yesterday, a month ago or even a year ago. This has been going on for years as you were to busy stuffing your campaign coffers as well as pockets to try and correct it.

Try something different and act like adults and do the job you were elected to do and fix this mess as well as many others. No more fancy speeches or slogans, just get the job done. On second thought, maybe I should send my grand kids to Washington. They would get this mess resolved quickly and could then go back to playing stuff your pockets. Never known, a few of those dollars might even trickle down to me.

And while we are at it, I and many of my friends had our days off cancelled whenever an emergency arose. It didn't matter wether it was a holiday or we had plans, the crises had to be handled first. So no days off. Handle this mess, and handle it right.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love watching how this money crisis is playing out. A bright neon sign is staring them in the face with the solution, yet all these politicians and financial gurus are to stupid to see it. They want to follow the lead of idiot sports team owners, who haven't learned the lesson that throwing bundles of money around wont win them championships, just as it will not solve this crisis.

They keep repeating the words on a daily basis, yet pay no attention to them and no one dare mention it. The same thing applies to this money crises as did to the fall of Rome, the USSR and many other empires. THEY GOT TO BIG and could not be managed successfully, leading to there failure and collapse.

The regional and local banks as well as credit unions don't seem to be affected by this problem as they are quite a bit smaller and easier to manage. They also tend to be geared to serve there customers rather then hell bent on making double digit returns; not only to satisfy investors, but to also justify the outrages salary's of the CEO's.

We don't need all this talk of oversight and new regulations. As with most things that come out Washington these days, all they will do is put a fox in charge of the hen house, and things will remain the same.

So let's break up these giants that have become to big, to be allowed to fail. Like our parents used to tell us, don't bite off more then you can chew. In this case it seems to fit perfectly.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I am officially fed up with this campaign and the road it's taking. I received one of those garbage filled smear emails geared toward Palin and McCain. I hate receiving them as much as I do the ones regarding Obama and the wild allegations about him. I might not be the brightest bulb on the chandelier, but stuff like this will not sway me one way or another.

I'm tired of being called a Racist and a Redneck, just because I don't care to cast my vote for Obama. I may read Fairy Tales to my grand kids, but it doesn't mean I believe in them. I have been around for two thirds of a century and have truck loads of promises from politicians and a change purse full of fulfillment's. So when I don't vote for him, it could be, because I believe he is not qualified. Contrary to popular belief I have voted for black candidates. Not because they were black, but because I believed they were more qualified for the job.

What has me riled up is that this particular email was titled WHITE PRIVILEGE. The only privilege this Lilly white ass and his family received in all these years, is the right to come to this country in 1950 and make something of ourselves.

We got here on a Saturday. On Sunday they had a welcome party for us, and on Tuesday my father and a lot of other legal immigrants were hard at work in the Chicago Stock Yards . My mother was also working in a laundry room of a hospital in a short time. They didn't look for a hand out, just a chance to work. They went looking for work, instead of sitting around and waiting for it to come to them. No special programs, no entitlements.

Even tho he had only a third grade education and worked hard in the stock yards, my father found the time to go to night school and learn the language so he could become a citizen. No excuses, just hard work and they achieved the American dream. A free ticket to the States and night school were the only things my parents received. Everything they achieved was through hard work. try it some time, it builds character.

Now comes the good part and all the privileges I received for being white. Working two, three and sometimes four jobs to have my own home and send my kids to good schools. I made the kids breakfast and packed their lunches. This white privilege didn't seem to include free breakfasts and lunch for my kids. Nor does it include a hundred and one after school programs. An office wasn't set up for my kids to find after school jobs, as they had to pound the pavement in search of them.

As a privileged white boy I was punished for having been instilled with the work ethic. So for working all those jobs I was told I made to much when it came time for scholarships, and other opportunity's for my kids. All I got out of it was paying more taxes and higher tuition's.

I wasn't happy, but gave up my seat on the bus and moved further back in that bus for the past thirty years as this so called playing field was leveled for all those that didn't have all this white privilege. I saw less qualified people put ahead of me on promotion exams, even though I and others scored higher.

I didn't mind making the sacrifice all those years, so that my kids could also play on that level playing field. But when I see my son also have to pay for the privilege of being white I am getting a bit ticked off. He was passed over for advancement even though he was highly qualified , so a minority quota could be filled. Why does he have to pay?

I'm sorry, but if you haven't been able to take advantage of all these quotas, set asides and other programs in the past 30 plus years, then you are slow and will never catch up. And it's not my kid's and grand kid's fault for being white that they should have to pay for your failures.

Yes I know this post is full of grammatical errors, and I really don't care. Just like I don't care when you try and lay that racial guilt trip on me. Everything I have is not because I am one of those priviliged, it's because I have worked my ass off.