Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Alexander Bell labored long and hard to invent a contraption to convey voices over great distances. Note the key word voices. So why do we abuse his invention by using it as a teletype machine and send text messages.

Isn't it easier to call and simply converse and get an an immediate response, instead of waiting for another text message reply?

If I want to read something, I will pick up a book or newspaper and not my phone; and when I do, I will be talking, and using it as it was intended.

Monday, November 26, 2007


There should be a law enacted that if you are influenced to vote for a candidate because of Oprah's endorsment; you are automaticaly labeled a moron, and are never again allowed to vote.


I was just wondering. Why is it, when someone robs a bank, everyone is up in arms to capture the culprit? Local and federal law enforcement agencies go into over drive to ensure that he be taken off the streets and incarcerated for as long as possible. They loose nothing, since they are covered by insurance.

But when banks, trough creative financing laws, rob millions of people of their life savings and homes; to ensure huge profits, nary a peep is heard about this injustice. The thing we do hear, is how are we going to help the banks out of the mess that they have created.

So I guess the old adage is true. "THE PEN IS MIGHTIER, THEN THE SWORD".

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Once again it is bonus time on Wall Street. And again the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Even tho the bonuses were excessive last year, I could in part understand them, since investors also made some gains.

This years bonuses will total 38 billion dollars, even tho investors will end up loosing over 74 billion dollars. Rewards for incompetence have become the trend. One CEO after another was reward with multi million dollar severance packages, after driving their companies into near ruin. We sit back and do nothing. Yet we allowed them to scream and holler, and do everything in their power, to try and keep the minimum wage down.

We are chastised by sports announcers for booing, when over paid athletes give half hearted performances. How dare we complain when they strike out or drop a ball. We hurt their feelings. For the amount of money they make, the should never strike out or drop that ball. I am quite willing to be booed, and for a quite less amount of money. Even tho we do get lack luster performances, the stands are filled and products purchased in support of them.

If we fail to live up to expectations at our work place we are fired. We walk away empty handed without a peep. They fail, and are rewarded, as they are chauffeured by limousine to another company or team that is willing to spend more millions to reward them for their failure.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Two different nations, but one single goal. Dubai an oil rich nation, is planning ahead, and Norway who also has struck it rich with oil in the North sea is following suit.

Leaders of both nations know that eventually these oil assets will run dry. Dubai is investing the money in construction, to make it a world class resort area, which will attract tourists from around the globe, ensuring a money flow into its economy for years to come.

Norway on the other hand, takes part of the money and provides for better education and health care for its citizens. They have also set up a fund to ensure that future generations will be able to benefit from the oil profits.

And what do our leaders do, besides stuff their own pockets? Speeches and promises. They promise us rose gardens, but all we ever seem to get is the thorns.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Just sit back and think about this small four lettered word, and how it has changed our lives. And sad to say, none for the better.

From the minute we wake up, government and big business makes sure that we are in a constant state of fear. It is used to control us, and to sap us of our hard earned money.

There is nothing sacred. We are made to fear everything. Stroll down a store aisle and pay close attention to the labels on most of the products. One food product is healthier for you then the next. Cleansing products deodorize and disinfect, and eliminate germs. Shampoos will do everything but comb your hair, as we fear those split ends and unruly hair. Let's not forget the fear of that dreaded body odor, and purchase all those sprays and roll ons. And that fear of someone smelling what we had for supper. Deodorize and disinfect the house.

What happened to mothers holding new born's in their arms and the rest of the kids unrestrained in the back seat of autos? They weren't dying by the thousands. But the fear mongers entered the picture, and we spend small fortunes to ensure their safety. We spend hours strapping and buckling them in for a ten minute trip. A simple game of tag, once played by millions of kids, eliminated for fear of someone getting hurt. A million and one products to ensure their safety, and yet they still manage to get sick and hurt.

Traveling was fun as we stopped at hotels and enjoyed a dip in the pool. The fear of drowning
either has eliminated these pools or turned them into places where only our ankles get wet.

Local governments have installed cameras and initiated road blocks, as they work the fear factor. Not for safety's sake, but rather to enrich the coffers. Our liberties are trampled on, and yet the streets aren't safer then they used to be.

And our federal government eliminates our civil rights one by one by waving that fear flag around. Not to make us safer, but to have better control over us.

We need to learn from football. A game that was once played with minimal protection, seemed to have less injuries. Now with the latest in technology to ensure safety, the injuries are more numerous and severe.

Look around and see if we are any safer? My wife puts it in the best perspective. "Look at what we are giving up for the illusion of safety"; or as President Roosevelt said, "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself".

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I was enjoying the Sunday morning paper along with a good cup of coffee until I began to read the business section. There was a story about an Arizona based chain that will open in Urbana, Illinois; that will get dimwitted parents to part with their hard earned money.

And what was it that got my dander up so early in the morning? It was a story about a gym. Not an ordinary one, but "The Little Gym". It's for kids up to 12 years of age. It will focus on motor skills, agility, coordination and muscle development, as well as boosting confidence and social skills.

If it is in fact a chain, that means there is an endless supply of fools willing to part with their money. No expense will be spared in turning these tykes into Greek Gods.

Parents spend hundreds of dollars on electronic toys that keep kids sedintary and in the house. Now they will spend hundreds of dollars, as they transport them to get needed exercise.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier and cheaper, just to open the front door, boot them in the ass and have them try something kids have done for thousands of years? It's called playing outside. By doing so, they will develop all of those skills mentioned above on their own. Not only that, they will learn to laugh and enjoy themselves.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


No more studies are needed, nor should people worry about global warming. I have researched this subject and have solved this dilemma.

It's all the methane gas released from the large quantities of daily bullshit we are fed by the sports and news media. For the past two or three weeks we were bombarded daily, on the game of the century, to be played between the Colts and Patriots. Led by two gods who walk on water, and one coach from heaven and the other from hell. This was supposed to be this years Super Bowl.

Except for a few minutes of excitement, the game of the century was just another game; already forgotten, awaiting the hype for the next week's game of the ages.

And so it is with our politicians; they shovel the shit making promises by the truck load to get elected; but once elected, we sit and wait for those promises to be fulfilled. Just like the girl who awaits the promised phone call after an amorous filled night; it never happens.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


There are some mysteries in life and this happens to be one of them. I will use pseudonyms (eat your heart out La Sirena, I know some big words to) to protect the innocent. For my thirty plus years on the police department I worked with a great partner whom I will refer to as Whitey.

For the first eighteen years we worked together in what is referred to as a fast district. We learned quite a bit in those years about police work. Trough hard work and dedication we were promoted to be Evidence Technicians (CSI for the less informed).

We went to a new district and after some time, we were together again, working midnights. We alternated days being ET's, and on the alternate day we worked the desk, lockup or a beat car.
Then a young and naive officer (whom we will refer to as Dennis) transferred into our district and watch. The Captain, who was old and wise took pity on this lost soul. He asked us to take him under our wings, and impart some of our infinite wisdom on this lad.

We soon realized that he threw us a challenge, and as hard as the task was, we began to mold him like a piece of clay. The work was hard and tedious, but Whitey and I refused to fail. To our surprise Dennis started to become a fine officer under our tutelage.

Then he broke both of our hearts, as he informed us that he was going over to the dark side. He was going to become a Sargent. How could he do this to us. All that hard work, and he would be on managements side.

Needless to say we pondered hard and long, over both distilled and brewed beverages; using all our police expertise to solve this mystery, on where we went wrong.


If the two minute drill works so well before the half or end of the game; why don't the teams use it trough out the whole game?

On the other hand, the normal defense has worked all game, why go to the prevent defense which almost never works?