Friday, February 3, 2012


While perusing the local scandal sheet, which at one time used to be referred to as a newspaper, I came across an article that had my full attention. It appears an irate judge, with a set of balls the size of watermelons, sentenced a guy to two days of community service. The poor soul's transgression was failure to appear for jury duty. His penalty was to stand in front of the court house with a sign reading "I tried to get out of Jury Duty" to comply with the community service.

Wouldn't it be nice if this same judge could preside over the upcoming trial of a surfer who was arrested a few weeks ago, for surfing in Lake Michigan. Hopefully he would dismiss the charges against the surfer, and sentence the police that arrested this man, to walk up and down Michigan Avenue, carrying signs that read "We Are The Morons That Arrested The Surfer".

Maybe if the police were punished for their STUPIDITY once in a while, we wouldn't have so many of them making headlines that make me cringe...