Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Get a large cooler, fill it with fermented, distilled and brewed beverages and place it on your front porch. Then go beat on your neighbors doors and bitch and moan until they and their kids come outside and help you dispose of it. Let the kids play and smell some fresh air, as you dispose of all those beverages.

Get them away from their TV sets and computers, and enjoy the waning days of summer. Your probably wondering why I am going on this rant?

I just got off my wife's face book page. Yes I go on it, hoping one of my kids posted some new pictures of my grand kids. Not to get my wife in trouble I am ranting on my blog instead of face book to the things I read from these hopeless souls.

I don't want to read about your head ache, or that you can't sleep. Nor do I care if life sucks and you don't feel like going to work. We all get head aches, can't sleep and don't like going to work. it's called life so stop bitching and live with it.

I don't care that you took one of the quizzes and found out that your a Yugo instead of a Cadillac or a Lexus. If your dumb enough to take the quiz, live with the results. No I am not going to help you fight mafia wars, nor will I help you with your farm. I along with many farmers down here in Central Illinois, are worried that the soy beans and corn won't dry out before the first frost hits and a years crop will be lost.

It's bad enough that so many people bitch about little petty things. It's even worse that people agree and console them as if they were a two year old, instead of booting them in the ass and telling them to get a life.

I don't care that there are numerous grammatical and punctuation errors, since I have never been mistaken for a Rhodes scholar, I eventually get my point across. All I know is, I am about enjoying life instead of bitching about its little pit falls.

Monday, September 14, 2009


If our elected representatives be it local, state and federal started to look at debt from a different perspective may be we wouldn't have these financial disasters they are all crying about.

Stop all of this borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow, and look at how much you pay out in interest every year on that borrowed money, and it is a staggering amount of money, even by your standards.

See how much more you could hand out to your friends and cronies instead of paying interest to banks, who are more then happy to lend it to you.

I apologize for my stupidity, the bankers are your friends and cronies, and it is another way you have figured out to spend my hard earned money.

I and the many people I know are getting fed up as you use us as your personal piggy bank. We are not stupid and realize a little graft keeps the government machine running smoothly. What used to be a small trickle from the faucet has turned out to be Niagara Falls as no amount of money seems to be enough.