Thursday, April 30, 2009


As the famous proprietor and chef of Fozzie's world re noun restaurante would say 'let's get the band back together again".

Well the band is back together, and ready to hit the road toward Louisville, Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby.

This is our second trip to the Derby, but there have been countless trips to the Breeder's Cup every October.

Each trip is filled with hundreds of memories, but with each one, there is always one that stands out, and is laughed and talked about for years to come. Even tho none of us are spring chickens, we all act like we were twenty-one again.

How can you not have fun when the band includes Gene Gene the dancing machine, Whiteyy AKA The Claw, Fozzie the famous chef and bartender, and yours truly the Grumpy Old Man.

Sometimes we get lucky and win a few dollars, and sometimes we just contribute to the well being of our equine friends. But be sure fun and laughs will be a plenty.