Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A word of advice for all the people who are out protesting over the bonuses given out to AIG executives. Don't just dip your toes in the pool, jump in all the way, at the deep end.

Doesn't make much sense to just protest the fools who insured these worthless pieces of paper. How about tossing a bit of all this indignation against the idiots that got this financial mess rolling?

I agree, it is wrong to collect a bonus after fouling up. But why all this anger over a small word such as Bonus. Why not direct some of that ire toward two big words such as Excessive Compensation. What about the big bankers, that bundled up all this worthless paper. and spread it around the globe? Amazing how indignant they get when someone dares question them regarding their salary, and how it is structured. The thing I find even more amazing, is how our so called elected officials, back away, not wanting to incur their wrath.

Bonuses probably pale in comparison to excessive compensation, yet we hear nary a word about it. Yes I am speaking about all those bankers, that are receiving billions in TARP money, and are still reaping outlandish salaries. As long as it is called compensation, and not a bonus, it appears that it's OK to steal as much as one can, of the tax payer's money.

So to all of you protesters, take a page out of their play book, and bundle up all these thieves in a neat package, and give them all equal hell.