Thursday, August 28, 2008


A very scary incident occurred last night as I tuned in to listen to Milt Rosenberg on Ext 720 on WGN radio. Mr Rosenberg was astonished that in all the years that he has been in broadcasting and with his guest list running the gamut from A to Z; never has he had a response such as he had that evening, even before the show had aired.

It seems that Obama backers had flooded the station with phone calls and e-mails decrying the appearance of a guest on his show before even one word was uttered. The guest in question was Stanley Kurtz a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a contributor to the National Review.

It seems he had the audacity to look into the Annenberg Challenge Archives at the University of Illinois at Circle campus library and see what the connection was between Obama and William Ayers a 60's radical connected to the Weathermen, a known terrorist group. It seems that Obama dismissed this connection to him as only someone who just lived on the same block and nothing more. The findings seemed to prove otherwise.

We allowed his connection to Rezko to be waved of as someone who he went to for advice in purchasing his home. And how dare anyone question why there was such a huge savings in the purchase of this home.

Obama's office was contacted and informed of the appearance of the guest, and given the opportunity to send someone to rebut any comments made by him. Granted, it was during the Democratic convention, but instead of being told that they would not be able to do so because of a conflict, the producer of the show was hung up on.

It scares me how fast the word spread to flood a station with calls and e-mails. Is this what the text mail technology that the Obama's campaign is introducing (text messaging has been around for along time, it is not being introduced, you old goat!) going to be used for: to stifle free speech? It is one thing to disagree with someones comments and another to try and take away someones right to free speech. Calling someone a racist because he happens to search for facts and doesn't agree with the anointed one is not change. For the last eight years we have seen what has occurred when free speech is squashed and only one opinion is allowed.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Granted, winning 8 gold medals is quite an accomplishment! Yet like junk yard dogs, these news announcers, after biting into the story; don't know when to let go. The amount of time that they have been devoting to this story would make one believe that instead of swimming across the pool; Phelps actually walked across it. Then, after getting to the other side, he turned the entire pool into a fine vintage Merlot.

It's time to let it go, focus on the other events, and while you are at it: a bit less about Farve would be greatly appreciated too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


When I was a youth I would march on down to the local quarry several days before school started and pick up a couple of stone slates, a sharp chisel and a hammer, as these were all the supplies I needed for the start of a new school year.

It's not far from the truth as my mother would give me a couple of dollars which was used in the purchase of a few pads of note book paper, some pencils, an eight pack of crayons and maybe a new ruler at the local 5 & 10 cent store. And best of all, there was enough change from those two dollars to stop at the corner drug store and purchase a milk shake.

Now mothers load kids into their large SUV's so that they are able to return home in one trip with all of the items they now purchase. I couldn't believe at the amount offered in the Sunday sale papers, as page after page was devoted just to school supplies. A safari to Africa or an expedition to climb Mount Everest travels lighter then most kids off to their first day of a new school year.

With the barest of supplies we learned how to read and write and to solve math problems without the use of calculators. Problems were solved with the use of the brain, not a computer. We led the world, as America's public education system was deemed to be the best in the world, as we put men on the moon.

With all these tons of new supplies, calculators and computers and innovative new names for various types of education and schools; we are falling further behind, as the rest of the world is quickly passing us by.

May be we should go back to the old system of reading, rigthing and rithmatic. Studies have shown that the old system worked just fine, until once again to many innovators tried to fix a system that worked efficiently and was in no need of repair.

A war is being waged to fight obesity by informing people to exercise and stay away from fattening foods. Yet we don't do the same for the brains of our children as we let computers and calculators do their thinking and their brains stagnate from lack of exercise. And then we wonder why we are falling behind.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have a solution for these over paid, over pampered pre mo donas we refer to as our professional athletes. A day doesn't go by that we don't hear from one of them about the harsh conditions they have to work under, or how they are disrespected by management and fans. Then the ever so popular, how underpaid they are and question how they are to feed their families for a mere $12 million a year. All these sacrifices they have to make to practise their craft and be adored by multitudes.

With my solution they will gain respect and still get to work in front of thousands. Their opinion will be sought and will frequently be asked for advice and direction. All this and they still will be paid in order to feed their families. Now they will be right in the starting line-up and play the whole game; no longer will they have to serve time on the bench. No more worries about being traded as they will get the choice of the city they want to play in. No longer will they have to worry about travelling on chartered flights or staying at five star hotels, since all games will be played on their home field.

Just call Wal Mart and tell them to apply for a job as a greeter at the store of their choice. I am positive that Wal-Mart will bend over backwards to accommodate their every request. Besides that, they get to wear that neat blue vest, and as an added incentive, bonus points will be awarded for every shopping cart retrieved in the parking lot for extra savings at the check out counter.