Sunday, September 30, 2007


One thing we keep hearing over and over again;" to keep prices low, we have to ship all these jobs overseas".

A worker in China earns one dollar a day. Material might cost a dollar or two. So according to my old way of math, one plus two equals three. But with today's new math, Mattel and Nike as well as other big brand names seem to come up with totals of forty or fifty dollars and a lot of times, quite a bit more.

So what math are we going to use. My old fashioned method or the new math created by the corporations; for they are the only ones benefiting from it, as we continue paying top dollar for products we purchase.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


On September 11, 2001 close to 3,000 people were killed in a terrorist attack. Since that day we have killed close to 4,000 and maimed over 25,000 of our soldiers in a fight against these terrorists. We have also given up numerous civil liberties, and have been inconvenienced in our freedom to travel.

Yet over that span, according to FBI statistics over 97,000 Americans were murdered. A rate of over 16,00 a year, and increasing every year. Quite a disparity. None of our presidential candidates campaigns against this deplorable number, nor do we see anything about it in our news media. Even congress doesn't consider it a problem.

It seems the odds are a lot greater that you will be murdered, rather then killed by a terrorist. So why aren't we doing anything about that??????????????????????????????????????????

Monday, September 24, 2007


With Mattel apologizing to China, saying "it's a design flaw" by Mattel, that caused all these lead tainted toys to enter the country.

My question is, what do design flaws and lead paint have in common???????

And if someone punches me in the face; do I have to apologize, to that person, for letting my head interrupt the flight of his fist????????

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Can someone please explain to these so called bundles of blubber, that they get paid for making tackles and scoring touchdowns; and not auditioning for Dancing With The Stars.

I can no longer watch a game I loved to play; destroyed by MTV wannabees. Maybe if they spent a part of those millions they make on football lessons, instead of choreographers, the game would return to it's original form.

I could understand if it happened after scoring the winning touchdown, or a game saving tackle. But now it's almost after every play. And sad to say the chest pounding and butt bumping is filtering down to the college level and makes college football a hard thing to watch also.

No wonder the most overused phrase during a football telecast is "missed tackles". If the players concentrated on the game and not what routine they will perform, a few more real tackles would be made.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I look forward to visits from my wife's girlfriend. She is a flight attendant who travels around the world and picks up newspapers from various countries for me.

Unlike the newspapers in this country, the majority of the paper is devoted to news of the day; and not the daily flood of celebrity trivia and sports.

It's not enough, that such drivel consumes the majority of the paper; but it now has taken over the ever shrinking news section and front page.

The articles are short and concise. Only the facts are presented, and it is left to the reader how to decipher this information. The editorials are the writers opinions on the subject matter, going down the center, with no bias to the right or left.

The newspaper industry is worried about readership being down, and blames it on the switch to the Internet by its readers. Give us a paper with real news, and not the supermarket tabloid headlines and news stories and we just might flock back.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Why are cop shows that kick-ass and don't bother to take names, as well as violating numerous civil rights so popular? But heaven forbid, a real-life policeman smacks someone upside the head while arresting them for a real crime; then the community is up in arms.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Today I attended a grandparents day at a parochial school down in Central Illinois. I saw something that rarely occurs in America today.

One of the preschooler's parents was wearing a case on his belt that contained a folding knife; when unfolded the knife would measure close to a foot long.

What was amazing, is that no metal detectors were set off. No mass hysteria of an armed man. And most importantly, the building wasn't surrounded by swat teams from every police agency imaginable.

It was considered just a tool that he may use everyday in his work, and not a weapon of mass destruction. Nobody cared that he wore it to school. And the only reason I noticed it and made note, is that I had a money clip with a knife blade of less then an inch treated as a sword as I attempted to board a plane.

Will we ever see the day when we look at things as they really are, and not as a threat against our national security?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I prefer the full bodied taste of imported beers. I find that I drink much less since they satisfy the taste for a beer; not like the massed produced domestic beers. I have tasted many a beer in my day, and they ran the gamut from great to drinkable.

Someone had left a bottle of Corona after a party, and I decided to give it a try. I wanted to see what the big thing was about this craze for it, especially among the younger crowd.

What disappointment I felt as I quaffed a few mouth fulls of this so called beer. It didn't taste or even feel like a beer. It was as if I was drinking colored water. I felt no remorse as I poured the rest down the drain.

I then went and retrieved one of my better beers, and as I sipped this beverage I pondered why this frenzy for it.

Quickly I realized that Madison Avenue had struck again. Put on a big ad campaign, print t-shirts, charge an exorbitant price and finally a gimmick of putting a lime inside of it. Suddenly you have the masses swearing it's nectar of the Gods. Have to give it to them, they are good.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm a fairly good driver. I did some wild and crazy things with a squad car and avoided accidents while doing so. Never spilled a drop of drink, as I sipped and drove at excessive speeds, zipping in and out of traffic.

I have to tip my hat to a driver I passed today on my way to the farm on I57. The gentleman I passed was clipping along at 65mph. Going by him, I glanced over and noticed he had a book open across the steering wheel. He had his head down and totally engrossed in the book. Kudos to him, for as I watched him disappear in my rear view mirror, he had better control of the vehicle then most people on cell phones.


As a youth my parents instilled certain values into me, such as hard work and responsibility. I did the same with my kids, and I am very proud they heeded my advice and are passing it on to their kids.

How quickly things change, and not for the better. A new program being instituted in the Chicago Public school system, will reward students with cars, vacations and gift certificates for attendance. Rewards for things that they SHOULD BE DOING naturally.

As a crotchety old fart, I might have bent a bit on this subject and allowed it as a new way of teaching responsibility; but a fatal flaw of mine, reading the entire article, drew my ire. This wasn't for the entire year. Rather it was for several months, pick and choose when you want to go to school and you will be eligible for the drawings of these prizes.

I think my mother had the right idea, as she took me into the pantry and had me bend over and grab my ankles, after I had done something wrong or bad. She would tell me she was knocking my brains from my ass to my head, as she applied the old razor strap to my posterior.

So instead of rewards, how about a boot up the ass; to knock those brains into there rightful position. It worked for me.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Brent, a North Dakota Democrat blogger, complained today of how the Justice Dept. has allowed web sites to charge more for higher speed outputs. We have no one to blame but ourselves, since we allowed this to happen with our insatiable thirst for more and more gimmicks.

Take the cell phone. A lot of people weren't happy with the dozen or so ring tones that come with the phone; they have to pay a dollar or two for a distinctive one, that fits their personality. A phone was always used to talk on; now we have to text everyone, and this also costs a few dollars. Seeing that fools would part with their money so easily, corporate America joined in the game.

In days gone by banks were small and community based. They loved having your business and gave away toasters and other incentives. High rates of return were paid on savings accounts and fees for services were almost nonexistent. Then slowly fees for various services began to appear, until now we get monthly notices of ever increasing fees, and ever decreasing rates of return. We are paying them to make more money off of our money.

They got us hooked on ATM's, and soon it was fifty cents; and now it costs several dollars. Some even tried charging to use a teller. How soon will it be when they start charging for the automatic bill paying? Are they waiting for the holdouts to get hooked, and then start charging?

Phone, cable and credit card companies quickly joined in with their own fee set up. For just a few dollars each, they can custom fit you with services that you don't really need.

Water fountains were everywhere to quench our thirst; but they got us hooked on bottled water, and soon those fountains became extinct. Promotional items displaying company logos were given away for free at one time. And now they are being sold at inflated prices as people stand in line to purchase them.

As long as the public is so willing to part with their hard earned money, they are willing to dazzle us into believing we can't live without it. So the next time you say to yourself it's only a dollar or two; multiply those dollars by twelve months and see the results.